Gears of War

Cosplayer: NiN0

Variant: Gears Of War 3

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

23rd May 2013: Finished! Suit is finished and ready to go, was sealed yesterday with two coats of clear lacquer to hold in the acrylic and provide a finish, sanded in places to remove the shine and add detail. See you all on Saturday!

15th May 2013: Painting, and wigs.... Been painting for the past few days (Monday and today) and got the main base coats down on all my pieces of the suit and im really happy with how it all looks, further detailing to happen however with what I have right now I feel I have a suit, I've got a wig lined up too which sorts the hair out and i'll get to see it this weekend, so I'm pretty much there, just need to detail in places and then seal the paint...

I'll see you all at MCM on the 25th =)

12th May 2013: Sealing and Spraying After three coats of PVA, sprayed the suit this morning with a Matt black plasti-kote ready for painting tonight, as the PVA dried slower than I had planned due to the rain this weekend (curse you), had to wait til this morning to spray but thankfully should have the second spray coat on for around 2pm and then it's painting time. Going to use a number of acrylics for it and dry brush as needed. Will finish up with a clear sealer just to protect all the paint work. Still on track to finish but won't have time to add any LED's into the suit, but I'm happy with what I have

7th May 2013: Build is finished Taken its time but the build is done, decided against the neck loop on the chest as I can't get it to sit right and just want to get on working with the suit sealing and painting. All clips are attached and the leg holsters are now attached to the belt so they dont fall down when I walk (which is a bonus). Going to start sealing tomorrow with PVA and then painting the whole suit over the weekend after 3-4 coats of PVA. Should be finished on Sunday and then its onto MCM on the 25th, fully attired

6th May 2013: Build is 99% done With the bank holiday to work on the suit, it's 99% done. Just need to rework the back panel and attach it and I'm good to go, I've added pouches and canisters to the belt and have another three for the back of the suit. I'm heading to grab my last few buckles tomorrow to complete the holding of the suit and then it's sealing and painting time. Picked up a 2.5l tub of PVA today so need to test thickness with it to see what I can get away with but considering its EVO-STIK I'm hoping for good results. Should be primed in the coming days and then next weekend will see the huge paint operation go ahead. I'm expecting to finish next weekend now which is a welcome relief meaning ill have two weeks of tidying up on the suit to go through and just final tweaks and additional pieces to be made. I do still need to find some shotgun shells for the leg holster but other than that. Pretty much good to go. Guess ill be seeing you all in full suit on the 25th after all

5th May 2013: Side Panels and Back So it's almost done, just finishing off the side panels and applying detail. I do need to sort out the back piece I feel and get the neck lip attached although not sure if to push out the back a little more as I am worried about the time I have left to finish the suit. Will be taking a trip out today or tomorrow to get the PVA and Primer for the suit and then its 19 days of painting and making everything look shiny for the 25th. I'm not going to have time for LED's but the goggles are on the way and should be with me mid week, then its just the matter of either dying my hair blonde for a considerable period of time, or take the easy route and go with a wig.... I'll decide within a week or so.

All in all looking forward to finishing sections of the suit and getting my paint on. I promise an update tomorrow evening of whats been done and what I have left to do

28th April 2013: Progress! This is where I currently am

27th April 2013: The big push Although a busy week for me, spend the entirety of today so far working on the suit, made the leg wrap pieces and assembled them. Found they slip down my legs when I walk in them however so will be attaching them via clips at a later date to the belt. Did go to the army surplus to get webbing and clips to put the suit together finally. Did put everything on earlier and it did feel like significant progress. Plan to go out and get PVA tomorrow to seal the foam but need to attach all the detailing first to the suit which will happen tonight. Expect a new photo tomorrow with everything nearly done, then it's painting to go and I'm finished.... Oh and I get to dye my hair..... Uh oh!

21st April 2013: Suit Progress Significant progress with the suit, attached the front and back panels however can't put the sides on yet as I don't have the clips, still waiting on going out to pick them up. Working on the detailing at the minute and some of the extra details around the suit. Not happy in the slightest with the back panel so need to work on that until I'm happy. New foam should be with me early next week so huge progress to follow. Conclusion of this - I love wearing the suit =D

20th April 2013: Back and Panels Spent a bit of time this evening working on the chestpiece, got the shoulder pieces done however not happy with the back of the suit, feel it should be rounded further so will be working into the details and the actual back panel itself. Need to add more foam to the back as it is. Ordered more as I was on my last tile although the arm wraps and leg wraps have been templates, simply need to cut them out. Feel I'm still a little behind but will be spending all day working on Sunday so expect an update with a full suit photo then

17th April 2013: Chest piece 80% done The chest piece is now pretty much 80% done, I have the straps left to cut to size and ensure that it provides a snug fit alongside the inner ring at the top of the back panel for neck support. Still have all the detailing to do to push the pieces up to a more detailed response. Plan to use 2-4mm foam for all my detailing, and to give depth to sections. I can finally see the suit being wearable in the next few days

14th April 2013: Slow Progress Been a bit of a slow weekend for me im afraid, havent made too much progress on the suit although I do have all the back templates ready to go, should have them set by Wednesday evening and then I can start piecing it all together. I've got some ideas for some detailing that I want to add to the various components although I do still need to get some straps for the suit, but other than that I feel I am OK with the project. Suit should be done over the weekend at the latest and then its detailing and painting. Hopefully be able to provide anyone who is interested with some more detailed photos and actual ones of me wearing the suit

11th April 2013: Back panel Made significant progress in getting the shape done for the back panel and the sizing in comparison to the front piece, although only done in card at the minute I feel that I'm nearly at the stage of putting to foam and linking to the front. Need to grab some clips and webbing for the chest piece to allow me to take it off easier and of course put it on, should be getting those on Sunday so a good push tonight and tomorrow should leave me waiting on clips and then it's just arm wraps and leg wraps to go, then ill be adding detail before the painting

10th April 2013: The chest piece Still currently working on the chest piece, I'm happy with the front however the back of the chest piece still continues to cause problems, must have started it and restarted it around 5 times right now, just can't get a good result with the templates I'm creating as I can't get the curve correct on the back alongside the extrusions. I don't want to simply have layered foam on each other to create the curve as I'd rather create a more complex finish. Possibly create a few more templates and then settle with one and hopefully finish the chest by the end of the week

7th April 2013: Progress is better than none Been working on the chestpiece again of late trying to get the back part complete before I start putting the two together and its being a bit of a pain to assemble and create, its just the curves. Did some experimenting with 45 degree cuts alongside 20 degree but just not happy with how it was being put together. Instead I finished the belt template and attached it all together, its 98% done however I need to add all the detailing and additional pieces to it to allow it to work and for me to be happy with it. It fits though without any additional pieces needed like Velcro or a clip, simply sits on my waist.

Did want to have the chestpiece complete by tonight but obviously its fallen by the wayside a little. Will try and get it finished this week, then I have the job of creating the arm wraps and leg wraps. Well on the way for my end of April finish for the pieces, just the painting and extra stuff to do

3rd April 2013: And it begins.... So I've been working on the Baird suit now for around 3 weeks give or take, creating all the templates on A3 card and putting them to size. Unfortunately most of the work has been done in evenings after work however for the past week or so with Bank Holiday's and time off work, I've made significant progress with the suit and how it all fits together. Got the boots 95% complete with just a few details to add in, probably fill the gaps with 4-6mm foam instead of the 11mm i'm currently using.

Must admit this whole process is a complete learning curve for me as I have never used foam or made a costume on this scale before so at times it's daunting but I'm enjoying it and finding EVA foam so easy to work with. Plan to have the chestpiece base done completely by Sunday evening so I can upload a new photo. As I plan to wear this in May, want to get most of the building done by the end of April so I have time to seal, paint, add weathering effects and all that. At current I don't plan to add any electronics like LED's into the suit, I feel I will be pushed to time as it is but if I do, i'll do shoulders and back lights.

Hopefully with the more I do, the more photos I can add. Definitely enjoying it though, just wish I had more time at times as on occasion I've been working until 2am on the templates and suit when I need to be up for work the next day at 9, it's coming along nicely though

Numta avatar

Numta - 3rd April 2013
Good luck dude! its a difficult build but worth it in the end!

I just hope it isnt as hot this may as it was last year when i cosplay baird >.< lol

Can't wait to see the finished outcome! =D

awesomeblossom avatar

awesomeblossom - 5th April 2013
Ahhh I'm doing Anya! Would love to get a pic with you :)

NiN0 avatar

NiN0 - 6th April 2013
Ah i finally get to leave a comment. Thanks Numta, it is a difficult build but really enjoying it despite a few issues that I've encountered with the back piece, just can't get the shape right although I have been working on the belt. Did like your goggles though, are they fibreglass?

Awesomeblossom - that's fine with me although I did see you would be in costume on the Sunday potentially, ill only be there on Saturday but just come over and ill gladly have a photo with you

Numta avatar

Numta - 7th April 2013
yeah it is an enjoyable build for sure! just certain parts can be a pain lol I found the boots an ASS! and mine came out far too big in the end xD

My goggles were actually some steam punk ones painted and put onto a foam 'headband'

I'll defo get a pic of you if I see you dude!

NiN0 avatar

NiN0 - 8th April 2013
Yeah my boots are a bit big but with my boots inside which was my first intentions it makes a snug fit and won't be coming away easily, the bit that's causing the most issue for me is the rear of the chest piece as I keep reworking it. Not happy with it but will need to settle soon. Once that's done ill do the last main bits of the build before adding extra detail to the suit. I've got some thin foam to add to the suit and then ill start sealing. Yeah just give me a shout if you see me and ill gladly have a photo with you, I'm only going to be there on Saturday so hopefully that isn't an issue. I do like your goggles though, I'm not sure how I will approach mine but I'm sure ill get there in the end

awesomeblossom avatar

awesomeblossom - 17th April 2013
looking goooood! :)

Kata-san avatar

Kata-san - 17th April 2013
Progress is looking awesome, look forward to seeing this at Expo!

NiN0 avatar

NiN0 - 19th April 2013
Thank you! Think I'm a little behind where I want to be right now but ordered more materials and should have progress over the weekend to show off. Then it's painting time =)

dysc avatar

dysc - 21st April 2013
Update! I was promised pictures!

NiN0 avatar

NiN0 - 21st April 2013
Just for you KC - a few images uploaded

awesomeblossom avatar

awesomeblossom - 28th April 2013
This is looking sweeeeeet, can't wait to see it all done!

NiN0 avatar

NiN0 - 28th April 2013
Thanks Awesome =) Just the wraps to finish for the chestpiece and the side shielding then it's getting sealed and sprayed. Love your Anya by the way

awesomeblossom avatar

awesomeblossom - 28th April 2013
Sweet! Getting there then :D Aww thanks, defo need pics together!

NiN0 avatar

NiN0 - 28th April 2013
Definitely getting there, loads of detailing to add as well for bits I didn't create out of the thicker foam. We shall get photos together, that a given :)

dysc avatar

dysc - 15th May 2013
Post more photos!

GinRai avatar

GinRai - 16th May 2013
Don't wear a wig!! Dude you've got a good bush, just highlight a little blond. Thats like me giving my Kantus a moustache!