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Cosplay all of the Beta Kids? Cosplay all of the Beta Kids.

The fabric store had blue fleece so I bought it because sometimes it doesn't have blue fleece and I knew I wanted to use it for the hood as soon as I considered this cosplay. An' I just made my Hero of Breath hoodie and John is best dweeb so yeeeeeees. And if I can figure out how to make the Warhammer of Zillyhoo you can bet your bottom boondollar I will.


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Progress Journal

1st May 2013

this n' that

I haven't started this particular variant yet, but I did make a Hero of Breath hoodie a few weeks ago and I now plan on wearing it for a night or two at May Expo. So because of that, I have bought what I think are peeeerfect glasses for John (for a bit of a price *weeps*) and I should hopefully be able to temporarily use my Jude wig and either leave it as-is or style it a little (don't wanna do much to it though because...well, I need that style for Jude!) So yeah, hoodie!John will be me Expo night, yay!