Crystal Maiden (Heart of the North) - Dota 2


Kitacon 2014


I just... Yeah... DOTA...

Kind of a bit addicted and I love love love this design? And my bro Carrie totally agreed to be my Lina so~~
I think I'm aiming for October Expo for this one. I wanted it for Ayacon but LIFE got in the way /shakes fist. So yay~! I opted for the Heart of the North cosmetic set because construction-wise it's actually a tiny bit simpler than the standard version. Plus it's nice to show your love for cosmetics, right?

Bambi. posted on 22 October, 2013 - 17:43
cute make up! You'd make a GREAT Dazzler too :)

Siouxsie James posted on 3 April, 2014 - 07:42
This is such an awesome costume, great to see it in Cosplay Chess ^^

Cape Details
Cape Embroidery
Skirt Details
Skirt Pattern
Dress Lining
Dress Pattern
Hood Lining & Details
Cape Lining
Hood Pattern
Skirt Midsection
Shoulder Pattern
Bracer Details
Shoulder Embroidery
Shoulder Hem

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26th March 2014

Complete, sort of!

After working non-stop for a /while/, I'm gonna go ahead and declare this costume complete! At least, for now! There are one or two things that need adding to it but unfortunately, no-where I'm Hull has any of the Embroidery thread I was using left in stock, and thier next delivery isn't until after Kitacon :'( some of the purples bits aren't attached either (mostly around the armholes) but I'm not bothered about that- it's just another little thing I can add to it later. I'll get my WIP pics up here as soon as I can :)

2nd February 2014

Cosplay Chess!

Not a big update, but at least it's something. I've been slowly embroidering everything before I stich it tgoether, because I want to embroider, then, line, and the finish constructing. It's going well. It's a skill I've never tried before but I'm glad I've picked it up- It's very relaxing. Also, I made it into the cosplay Chess! Thank you to Scarlett for picking me- I'm White Team Pawn 4 and I'm very excited about it. It also means that I've got a bit of renewed zeal to make this the absolute best it can be!! Bear with me, I'll get regular updates going as soon as I can <3

22nd October 2013

Better late than never! Made a start!

Here's the cape that I cut out and pinned this morning- please excuse the instagram photo! It's a base layer of white linen/polycotton, with 3 layers of faux-fur sandwiched between that and a layer of blue. The blue layer also has a white polycotton border that needs neatly topstiching. Tonight after work I'll embroider on the details and get it sewn together. By the end of the night I want all of the basics at least cut out and pinned together- The Hood, The Bracers, The Cape and the Mantle!

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