Black Rock Shooter
Black Rock Shooter

Cosplayer: UnaSpi

Variant: original PV

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

Kitacon 2009

21st March 2009: Wiggggggg THE WIG ARRIVED TODAY



11th March 2009: Getting there! Okay, so now the bikini-top is done, shorts are nearly done, I have a belt, bootcovers are in progress, and I've bought my wig.

I also did a make-up test to see how scars would look, and I quite liked my results, so I'll have scars like the figure does.

I wonder... I'm hopefully going to HobbyCraft this weekend - should I make a handgun, sword, both, or her huge cannon? Hmmmm....

4th March 2009: Black Rock Shooter, wherever are you now? May I direct you to the PV?

So far I've started work on the bikini top and the hotpants, and I'll be purchasing a coat to work on tomorrow too!

Looks like I'm gonna be buying one of CosplayWigs' ponytail sets... black or blue/black? The figure looks pretty good with the bluish hair, but it's black in the PV so I'm still pondering on that...

This one sould be -awesome-! :D

nanahara avatar

nanahara - 4th March 2009
don't really know much about Vocaloid, but this a kawaii, cool looking character

Moonchild avatar

Moonchild - 24th April 2009
Looks awesome ^_^ I love the wig

Unknown member avatar

Anonymous - 26th April 2009
Her name is actually Black Rock Shooter, it's not Miku D:
I'm probably gonna be doing this cosplay sometime soon too, may I ask where you got your wig? I'm having trouble finding one.

RanmaSyaoran avatar

RanmaSyaoran - 28th April 2009

Very nice, you did the eye well! ^^

Denmark avatar

Denmark - 30th April 2009
Commenting on your icon.. Seriously man. Where's your nose? D:

Good job on the costume. :D!

UnaSpi avatar

UnaSpi - 8th June 2009
@ PandaaPaws - Well, there's a lot of confusion around what to name her isn't there?
Most people I asked have agreed that "Black Rock Shooter" and "Black Rock Shooter Miku" are pretty much synonymous though, and more people are likely to recognise the name "Hatsune Miku" so that's what I went with.

Unknown member avatar

Anonymous - 31st August 2009
Thats awesome! Black rock shooter for the win ^^

Kannacchi avatar

Kannacchi - 26th November 2009
I remember seeing you at kita
you looked great =D

Bambi. avatar

Bambi. - 7th January 2011
You make a great BRS miss :)

sjbonnar avatar

sjbonnar - 4th July 2011
Oh wow you suit BRS really well! Love this costume ^_^