Nina - Breath of Fire 2




Complete, and worn at MinamiCon 18 for a grand total of an hour.

Words do not describe how glad I am to have finally finished this costume after so many years ><

Techniques practiced:
-Lining a garment
-Pattern drafting (dem crazy sleeves)

New techniques tried:
-Raised details on the armour
-Trim (on everythinggg)
-Painting fabric

Things still to improve:
-Nothing, as I will never be returning to this costume.


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Progress Journal

13th September 2009


So it didn't get finished in time for Alcon, but it was a near miss. So much of it doesn't fit/isn't comfortable, so I'll probably remake parts of it/modify it. I also have the wings to deal with still, although a bought a cheapo pair from ebay. I need a third pair of replacement tights, because I managed to put holes in my new pair when I tried it all on for five minutes on the Sunday morning. Bah!

I shouldn't have attempted this costume until I was more skilled, and now I'm kinda paying for it. Its a good learning experience though?

27th August 2009

Over a year of work, the end is in sight!

Some progress photos coming this weekend, I'm finally finishing bits up. I need to remake the lining and finish bits here and there, then I have a week til Alcon to work on the wings with my finacé. We haven't yet figured out the moving mechanism, so this set will be stationary.