Ygritte - Game of Thrones




This was really only inevitable. Ygritte is the epitome of everything I love about ASOIF. I love that she always speaks her mind, that she doesn't back down or bow to anyone. The kneelers were made to kneel, and she was born to be free. The fact she's so bloody good at corrupting crows is perhaps a point of appeal too. She's so mean to Jon, constantly berating and mocking him. I think it's what makes their dynamic so much more perfect. Although I do think she should've stayed in the cave. ;)

The books are what made me fall in love with her as a character, but HBO made me fall in love with Rose Leslie and that costume. This is an amalgamation of the S3 promo shots and the actual full on snow dusted furs. It's one of the few costumes, I want to do properly, from start to finish with no short cuts. I want to keep a proper record of it this time, just to catalogue my own thought process.

Hell, I even did a crash course in dressmaking just a few weeks back to properly make sure I was equipped for such an undertaking! I'm bringing her to May with me, (and possibly Collectormania MK too, since I plan on sneaking over there that same weekend) so now it's simply a matter of getting to work!


WhiteWraith posted on 1 April, 2013 - 16:03
I hope I get to see this at May! Ygritte is such a great character :D

Nymphie posted on 6 April, 2013 - 16:52
I hope you get to see it too! I still haven't met you properly, and I do owe you a fair few hugs! :D We may as well unite over Throney goodness!

carsec posted on 6 April, 2013 - 17:46
Love the character and love the costume. you are doing a good job so far canĀ“t wait to see it done.

Nymphie posted on 7 April, 2013 - 09:51
Coming from such an amazing Cat that really does mean a lot! <3

WhiteWraith posted on 7 April, 2013 - 10:19
Would be nice to finally meet you :D (and just flail over your costume!)

Numta posted on 9 April, 2013 - 11:59
you know nothing jon snow! can't wait to see this! =D

yohlenyaoilover posted on 24 April, 2013 - 21:52
Oh my gosh, what day are you cosplaying this? D= I'm cosplaying Jon Snow on the Saturday and I NEED a picture with you! <3

Nymphie posted on 29 April, 2013 - 01:31
Argh! Snow-crow! <3 I was planning on just running around most of the weekend as Gritty, so I will definitely find you on Saturday to make horrific jokes. xD

yohlenyaoilover posted on 29 April, 2013 - 10:20
I'm so happy ;-; I have a small GoT meet up planned on the Saturday at 2.30! It would be awesome if you could join us. I would literally cry tears of joy <3

yohlenyaoilover posted on 4 May, 2013 - 15:07
[I'm totally spamming you up] We are meeting at the N9 sign at 2.30pm now, hope to see you there! <3

Nymphie posted on 4 May, 2013 - 22:24
Oh honey, you can spam as much as you like! xD Gritty shall be there, you have my word on it. ^^ <3

Progress Journal

21st May 2013

In which Lizzie Walker is a legend

Okay, so aside from the coat I did myself, I got nowhere with the actual bulk of the EW outfit, so Lizzie Walker, over at Walker and White Studio commissioned it for me. ^^ It's gorgeous, seriously. And leather! Which is a brutal offering for when it's so warm, but it's worth it. ^^ The outfit itself is phenomenal, I'm just really paranoid about my arms at the moment - so I've got a couple of days to try and get over that. ^^ But it looks alright...aye?

7th April 2013


Not much in the way of exciting progress, but both sleeves are on and the hood's attached! I started doing the rips and snowiness, which turned into a small nightmare. I wanted to use watered down paint to just spray it on, as I'd been advised, but it didn't work, so I ended up with a combination of talc and sealant! It's been distressed three times now, but I still have about a dozen layers to do in the long run. I think it's coming along alright though, so hopefully should look somewhere near once it's finished.

6th April 2013

The furs!

My attempt at furry goodness went a bit awry. I'm still not entirely sure how to attach the hood, and the sleeves are a nightmare (hence the reason for only one) but it's coming along. I think once the front is shaped, and it's been slashed and covered with stylistic amounts of snowy fabric paint...it should be okay. It's a start at least!

1st April 2013

Go to the wall they said, it'll be fun they said.

Day #1 - The Perils of Deciding Where Exactly to Begin.

I'm not good at conceptualizing things. I try, really I do, but I'm not what you can call gifted at bringing half of the things in my head to life. The same applies when it comes to my sewing. I know what I want it to end up like, I just don't quite know how to get there! Which is why it's such a learning curve whenever I dare try. My friend suggested starting with the vest initially,since it's perhaps the most simple, and to use some offcuts before I got onto the proper fabric, so at least I'd know if my pattern worked or not.

So after a quick rummage though the box of suedette and teddybear fur, I got to work, stitching away by hand. It's messy as hell and there's a tiny blood smear where I inadvertently stabbed myself, but I at least managed to establish that my mock-pattern fits accordingly and should hopefully look alright when constructed out of something a bit more substantial! :)