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SunnyCon 2014


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16th July 2013

Boots almost finished!

Details placed on the boots, I glued a new white panel onto the shoes and then hot glued the pink straps on. They're not fully glued down so there is room for movement. They're secured on the sides. Just need to attach the grey panel and the fleece and they'll be done!

8th July 2013

Progress on the shoes

So I patterned and cut out the fur flaps (made with white fleece.) I also cut out 10 strips of pink foam at 1.5cm each. These will become the straps on the boots. I need to make a new white and grey panel on the front of the boots to secure the straps on. I will be painting the bottom, front and back of the shoes black.

8th July 2013

Shoes base

So I purchased these hidden heel high top trainers from Primark (for £10) to modify into Leia's shoes. I like the shape of the shoe and think they work well for the design. I know it should be a heel base but for comfort and to have this design in white, I compromised with a wedge heel. I removed the bling on the trainers.

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