Lucy Stillman - Assassin's Creed II

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Uh. Yes. Lucy. She's the "traitor" in the modern assassins guild. A reason to cosplay her /giggle

First of all: Haters gonna hate! Lucy is one of my favorite female characters of the series and you could hate so much on her like you want. Not my problem.

The cosplay is completely bought. I just changed the top a little bit. I won't wear a wig because I have super fluffy hair (haha, super funny German cosplay community, very funny). And I had no time to order one.

Lucy is going to be worn by me at the 14. Anipara Hannover (GER), a local fan meeting for anime & manga fans.


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Progress Journal

29th March 2013

The most is finished! Halleluia!

I know that I may spelled "halleluia" wrong. But I'm so happy with the results. Okay, I have to lose a little bit weight until next weekend, and now is eastern... a lot of easter eggs for me. =_= Thankies, granny.

I took this photo a couple of weeks ago. So I'm sorry for the shitty photo quality, I got a new cell phone last week from my dad.

The only part of the cosplay that is missing is the belt. I bought it this week, because I usually don't wear belts. It is made of fake leather and was really cheap (4€).

And I know that the shoes don't match to Lucy's shoes in ACII/ACB, BUT I LOVE THEM. Lucy wears so ugly granny shoes and I DON'T WANT GRANNY SHOES D: And this shoes make me taller (I'm just 155cm high D: ).

I just have to sew a little bit on the parts where I cutted the sleeves of.

And I'm fucking scared of myself because lots of people say that I look-a-like Lucy. Dammit.

Hopefully people would recognize me, but Lucy's outfit is kinda civil.

Haha, lack of english ftw.