Lucy Heartfilia (Tenroujima Arc (Virgo's dress) ) - Fairy Tail

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I've got this dress on ordered and hopefully should get it some time next month.

The Dress she wears on the Tenroujima island arc is the one given to her by Virgo after the team had been caught out in the rain.

The dress is a strapless white dress that has blue detialing that is also soild on the back of the dress. The dress' skirt is ruffled and she has a pair of sleeve thingys that are ruffled at the ends as well as a blue ribbon tied around her neck.


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Progress Journal

4th June 2013

Reason why its not yet complete though I have it 'finished'

The main issue with this cosplay its far to big around the bust like very big that I would end up flashing people. I need it altered and a zip put in but I don't think I can afford it so I may use a temporary solution and safety pin it and then use my wig tape to keep it on when I decide to wear it however I'm not sure about the wig as I've messed up I'm sure I have on the wig styling