Miki Hoshii

Cosplayer: CrystalNeko

Variant: Shiny Festa

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

AyaCon 2013

12th August 2013: Costume 90% Literally just the small handsewn details left, ahhhh!

All the resin casts were made by AngelTear so that we'd all match. She's done a fantastic job right!?

I've only pinned the chains and stuff in place for now, I just wanted to see how it'd all look.
Stephi is also providing me with more chains as I just about ran out, ahhhh XD

Time Taken: 3hrs

11th August 2013: Jacket 70% I sewn in the lining and the green bit of the collar, as well as the little lapels. Part of the collar is still pinned because I need to change the thread colour! But otherwise yay, nearly done with the jacket - just gotta sew in some sleeves and do the last bit of details!

I fecking hate collars.

Time Taken: 1hr

11th August 2013: Petticoat test Wanted to see how it looks with the petticoat. Not sure if overkill or not! I probably will take it because it shows off the underskirt better.

That and I spent time on that damn petti XD

11th August 2013: Overskirt 100% All embellishments will be done last because oh my gosh, the pressure is on!

Working on the jacket next.

Oh, I made the tie as well, it's totally cute x)

Everything in this costume is interfaced I swear hahaha.

Time Taken: 4hrs

11th August 2013: Jacket 50% Sewn on the jacket details, I double layered the bow and sewn in some wadding to make it puff out a bit because I thought it'd look really weird if it was just flat.

The cosplay finally looks more lively, yay :D

Time Taken: 1hr

11th August 2013: Underskirt 100% I literally just powered through making this. Took me 4-5hrs omfg ;;____;;

I realised that I am crap at sewing in straight lines. Not a good thing XD
So fooking tired right now but I'm going to aim to at least tack the green detailing onto the jacket before bed. Might actually sew it, who knows.

The petticoat looked like such an overkill I'm not too sure about wearing it anymore XD

Time Taken: 4-5hrs

I gotta make two more of the blouse and skirt as commissions FML. After Ayacon I never want to make a blouse ever again. I will make matching skirts in white, buy a blouse and dye them from now on XD

4th August 2013: Petticoat Added on another layer! I got lazy and couldn't be arsed to pin the waistband. And it shows at the back XDDDDD It's not like it's going to be seen anyway :P

Looks so much poofier with a second layer!

Time Taken: 2hrs

4th August 2013: Petticoat (1st layer) The skirt is quite short so I felt the need to only make a two tiered petti, works out well for me as it's less effort!

I'm debating adding a second layer because I'll be wearing two skirts. But then I'll have to unpick the waistband of the petti to sew it in because it feels a bit ridiculous having two separate one layer petticoats.

Time Taken: 1hr

4th August 2013: More pattern drafting and cutting Progress wise I have cut out two copies of the jacket (although one is shown) so that I can double layer it later so that it appears lined. I have also patterned out the skirt and cut out the blue skirt.

It's like 4am atm so I can't really do much sewing without worrying about disturbing the neighbours downstairs hahaha, so with everything cut, pinned and patterned out, I'm hoping the next few steps will be a fairly swift one!

Time Taken: 2hrs

4th August 2013: Jacket pattern Urgh, this took me far too long to pattern! I should have just reused my Tokiya pattern but I didn't think that far ahead and left it at home. So I had to redraft it and those type of collars took me several tries to get right!

Time taken: 1hr

23rd July 2013: Shirt 90% Wooo, everything is hemmed and the collar is sewn on. Basically all I have left to do is make button holes and sew on the buttons. But I can't do that until I actually go out and buy some buttons so I'm gonna move onto making something else now.

I don't get why it looks so odd on the mannequin but it fits me fine so that's all that matters. I like the overall shape though :)

Time Taken: 2hrs

23rd July 2013: Shirt 80% I keep looking at the shirt on the mannequin and it looks awfully unfitted. But on me it's perfectly fine so I thought I'd try it on before I did anything else. I've made the collar, that just need to be sewn on. Then hem everything and sew on the buttons and I'm done :)

I need to go out and buy buttons though. I'll do that later.

Time Taken: 1hr

20th July 2013: Shirt 60% I need to iron out the seams so bad it looks terrible on the mannequin OTL.
And it actually is a pale blue - not white. Otherwise I would have gone ahead and bought a shirt rather than make one XD

Just need to sew on the collar, hem the thing and interface the buttons area.

Time Taken: 1hr30mins

Frederica la Noir avatar

Frederica la Noir - 25th March 2013
Oooo such cute designs! this will suite you so much ^_^ <3

Freyarule avatar

Freyarule - 11th August 2013
Looking good! Looking forward to this :D

InfiniteJester avatar

InfiniteJester - 12th August 2013
This is looking lovely!