Clint 'Hawkeye' Barton (Battle Suit Mark II ) - Avengers Assemble



This a remake.

As much a liked the one I made for Amecon 2012 and I had some amazing times and photos with it I do hate that I rush built the whole thing in four days (that did include all prop work). Its too short in the body for me making it uncomfortable to wear and I know I can do better with the prop work.

With Avengers 2 coming out in future I thought this would give the chance to remake it properly how I intended to make it. Also I'll get to try the methods I had planned to use on the first one but with the short time frame I couldn't. I hope also to get it to be a much better fit.

This is planned for London Film and Comic Con 2014.

HarryKurt posted on 13 September, 2014 - 22:11
Oh wow... I already know this is going to be epic. You're going to out do yourself! :D

Sephirayne posted on 16 September, 2014 - 10:41
Thank you ever so much. I'm taking my time with this one with the aim to have him ready for Avenger AOU next year. Really can't wait to get stuck into this one.

13th September 2014

Fabric samples - the first batch

Ordered some fabric samples of the main body fabric. They came really quickly and I am really pleased with how they look. I've decided that I'll order for both this costume and his new costume in Age of Ultron. I just need to mock up to figure out how much I would need. Fabric came from http://www.fabricuk.com/

26th October 2013

Body Panels Test 2

Showing how much flex this will still have. Photo ©EJ Sephirayne Oct 2013

26th October 2013

Body Panels Test 1

Hawkeye Battle Suit Test 1 This is a test piece of a method I'm planning to use for the main top and part of the trousers. I wanted to match the 3D effect that the panels of his costume had. It is actually craft foam with a second layer glued to it. The whole thing is then wrapped with Lycra. I then added the Cordura like it is in the pic. I was quite happy with the result expect the Lycra isn't as tight as it should be. I'll be doing a second test where I'll be gluing the Lycra down and sealing the whole thing with PVA glue. Because I used scrap pieces of fabric it isn't a colour match. Photo ©EJ Sephirayne Oct 2013

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