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I dug out my bracer from ages ago and built onto it with magnifying glass, brush, mysterious liquid, and tweezers, and I had an engraver that I painted to look authentic (which is on my right wrist) and gave it buckle fastening instead of velcro. The goggles were quickly made in an hour with pilfered bits, and the gun was a poundshop toy. I know this isn't accurate clothing-wise but I needed something cool and comfy ^^ It was an emergency throw-together as CrystallineKnight needed some photographs, and I was joined by Xephios and Fishyfins.

I shall have a photograph of the individual pieces up soon.

Items made or customised: Bracer and its contents, engraver wrist accessory, goggles, gun, and the wig was my Zelda wig, which has now been restyled thrice! (For Arisa, Zelda, and now this!)

This is sort of like my dry-run prototype for an original character of mine. The bracer was pretty much based upon hers as she's the ships tinkering Archaeologist- so the brush is to brush away dirt from finds, the magnifying glass to study it, the fluid is her cleaning which is non-abrasive but obviously stronger than just plain water, and the tweezers for handling small bits ^^ When I do cosplay her, it will be a seperate and full costume ^___^


Captain_Marvelous posted on 2 March, 2009 - 11:08
God dammnit adam stop welding your soul into time periods ^^ he looks so in place, love the stuff kido ^.^ did a good job.

Fishyfins posted on 2 March, 2009 - 11:45
i look so outta place there, LMAO