Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3

Cosplayer: Heorot

Variant: Alternate #3: Dante

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

23rd May 2013: Luce complete its not amazing but I like it c: a little sneak peek !

23rd May 2013: Let there be..luce Adding details to the Luce. Can't find our other desert eagle so this will have to do! I'll just say that Dante stole the Ombra off'a me xD Just need to add a little more gold to the section next to the handle and paint the handles brown & add 'Ebony' tomorrow which I'll test out beforehand with various types of glue. I think spray advesive will work the best from searching on 'this to that'. Idk whether to add the 'Luce and Ombra' wording or not :/

20th May 2013: Contact lens try on After so many attempts I managed to get one in! Feels pretty much fine and I love the colour transformation. Now for the right eye 0.o

Excuse my derp in some of these :<

18th May 2013: Tipsy cosplay progress go! As you do a week before Expo at ten to midnight..

so yeah this is my belt detail testing- will hot glue on tomorrow mornin'

17th May 2013: Thats better Not perfect but I'm happy

17th May 2013: Prong detail added Before I go out for my prescription >< Might switch them around as they don't match very well

17th May 2013: Belt details The tiny squares are the prongs and the circles are rivets(?). Idk whatever is on Trish's hip on the belt are circular anyway xD

I do want to add the >-< shape in between the buckles. I have a method but I'm a lil scared to do it incase I feck it up..

12th May 2013: Belt complete Not too shabby if I do say so myself

12th May 2013: Vambrace #1 complete! Done by my awesome madre :D Really happy with it! Shes gonna do the left arm for me tomorrow.

9th May 2013: Buckle build up Just wanted to show how theyre coming aling - I think all those coats of PVA were worth it apart from on the one shown on the right here as it hasn't come out as smooth as the other! s^*£ like this always happens to me >:c trying to sort this atm

9th May 2013: Eyebrow test Was going to save testing 'til my brows have been shaped but I figured its best not to leave doing it too late as i'm probably going to get them plucked/waxed either next week or the week of Expo so they're "fresh"ly done =] Currently sitting here with PVA on my brows waiting for it to dry..

I'm using this tutorial and will try the silver enamel I have open; it might not be the right thing/too dark for my wig but this is what the test is for.

EDIT: Done with success! Initially went to use the enamel but I paniced after reading "it must be washed off immidiately with skin contact" plus I Googled it and people are usure about its toxicity, whereas this Decoart Crafter's Acrylics is defo non-toxic. I realise its quite sparkly but it should match the wig great ^^ Some of the pics are under natural light, others flash as I know people use it a fair bit at Expo. Clumsy me got a bit of soap (& probs paint) in my eye when I washed it out [with ease, I should add] but I'm pleased it works. Sorry theyre ridic thick I'm aware its trampy of me !

9th May 2013: Plastazote priming Had about 10 ish layers which I started yesterday; going to test it with a bit of silver paint soon to see if its worked then I can do the inner and outer edges.

7th May 2013: Virgiiiiiiin >:c Still working on my gubbins, just don't have internet access at home! Just wanted to show my latest purchase for both Trish and Faye ( I know the former has blue eyes but I didnt wanna have to switch lenses/buy more than one pair shhh). Gonna try them on soon :D

Also will be helping my bro with his Dr Strange too ^_^

2nd May 2013: Go go gadget travel iron! Attempted to smooth the inside buckle edges with varying sandpaper roughness but it only made them worse >.> Google came to the rescue via this page which explained that this can be remedied by placed waxed paper on the item and ironed over. Hey presto it works! Much better. (I should have taken a before pic but w/e I think I'm doing this journal just for my beenfit really haha). They should be ready for priming and painting now ^^

Shown also in the pic is the box I mentioned two journals back.

2nd May 2013: Testing, testing... Just doing lots of boring (but necessary) testing at the mo; how plastazote copes being glued onto vinyl with UHU, hot glue, super glue, epoxy. Also seeing how it copes being painted on without PVA. Think I'm gonna need to prime it! & hot glue is the winner so I will go with that when I glue my buckles down. UHU also bonds vinyl and pleather excellently.

2nd May 2013: This is gonna hurt! How fast are you? Got a rather large, elongated box leftover from the new bathroom radiator fitted today; had it leaning against the mixed recycling to be chucked when I thought "Prop!". Looking at making it with a combination of cardboard and foam (possibly expanding as I've always wanted to give it a go!). Update to follow soon

30th April 2013: May the buckle gods be with me This is literally the best I'm going to get for these, and I know its not perfect in the slightest. Just really sick of doing them like I said!

29th April 2013: Flip'mo.. Does it look better another way up? :/ Also should they be thinner? Lots of Trishs tend to have fairly thin buckles...

29th April 2013: So done with the belt buckles.. After trying to thin them down as suggested by our Joe, I basically massacred one of them and stop before I did the same to the others trying to get them 'straight' with fabric scissors as the Stanley knife is nowhere to be found. Grrr - I really shouldn't do stuff like this when I'm tired >_<

EDIT: Just remembered I have a small amount of eva foam letover from when coscraft still stocked it...if I feel like it, I could make them once again out of that. Its probably sturdier/better to paint anyways

26th April 2013: Belt detail pattern Rough pattern for the >-< detail on the belt. Thinking of using black pleather for this

Sorry for the terrible quality pic, CI isn't working on my phone for some reason..

26th April 2013: Buckles bi-fold Here they are placed roughly where they will be once painted and glued down.

26th April 2013: Buckle v.3 I know its wonky on one side..but I'm kinda sick of doing these now. If the second one turns out better I'll make yet another but ugh I just wanna finish the accessories already tbch

25th April 2013: Todays progress Grr my hook and loop test failed with my choker as it dropped off before I.could fasten them >.> I now can't find said loop on the floor...

Did a test with my googly eye rivet/gem super glued onto scrap vinyl and it works. Now doing the same with the leftover hook.

Hopefully I'll be able to glue the fastenings onto the choker sucessfully which should give me confidence to do the same for the belt.

EDIT: Managed to do it! Its quite fragile and I think the loop needs more glue but hey..very chuffed!

25th April 2013: Buckle bemusement Not sure whether to go for the larger or smaller one? The former overlaps a little whilst the latter snugly fits with a little of the belt showing at the top and bottom.

25th April 2013: Choker finished Rivets/gems arn't in the straightest of semblance but the super glue with the tinyness made me nervous of bonding my fingers together :(

25th April 2013: Buckle progress I didn't quite cut the edge off but it doesn't quite reach the edges...unsure if this matters or not :s

25th April 2013: Choker rivets/gems I've painted my googly eyes (x6) and am waiting for them to dry. In the meantime I am going to test how foam copes being super glued to the vinyl as it would be nice to have buckle detail on the belt for accuracy

22nd April 2013: New prop plan I'm thinking of making Trish's sparda when it transforms into scythe form dring her Round Harvest hyper combo. Found a technique I can use so will update when I start on it.

11th April 2013: Vambrace progress - Right arm Gonna be tricky to make these look good as the material has zero stretch and I have tiny (but long) arms! Especially on this side as my right wrist is ridic small (seriously if you see me at Expo get me to take these off and you'll see what I mean! I call it "alien arm"..). Probably won't have it going round my arm almost twice like it is now as I'd like to put a zip in to be accurate.

11th April 2013: Vambrace progress - Left arm Gonna be tricky to make these look good as the material has zero stretch and I have tiny (but long) arms! Probably won't have it going round my arm almost twice like it is now as I'd like to put a zip in to be accurate.

10th April 2013: Belt prog. Sorry for the bootay shot but I'm using this-

as the width reference. I think it matches pretty well so I need to glue the attatchments on next

8th April 2013: Choker progress This has been done since Saturday but I havn't had a chance to upload it. Not sure if its too wide/thick but I tend to err on the bigger side with things so that they stand out. If I decide I like it this way I'll hot glue the fastenings on as well as the rivets/gems.

28th March 2013: Vambrace pattern Not 100% right I imagine as I altered it from my old Tsubaki armwarmers, but at least I have an idea of what they should be like. Took me a few goes to get it the correct length (not overlapping to the inside elbow). Will transfer this to the red fabric soon

26th March 2013: Further wig considering EDIT 27/03: It's been shipped (already!) wooo 8D Coscraft are so efficient~

27/03: After talking to my groups' Viewtiful Joe , he advised me that Trish's hair is more silver than white so I am now looking at getting this instead.

EDIT: This has now been ordered along with a brush to keep it from tangling =) I think I got the last one as it's now sold out D:

25th March 2013: Vinyl/pleather Said fabric I mentioned in the info/description. This will be used for the choker and vambraces and if I get time (which is unlikely), for the top so it all matches nicely

24th March 2013: Wig options I'm really stuck which wig to go for. Not really on a budget but moreso concerned that the longer wig will be a pain in the arse to maintain and not worth the extra 13+a half inches. Or will it add a certain je nais se quois (?) and look better if I have more?

Ranma1-2 avatar

Ranma1-2 - 25th March 2013
Im looking forward to seeing this. concurr about the silver wig choice.
Sounds like you have enough already to do a closet cosplay photoshoot/test. :) There isnt a Tekken group as far as Im aware so if I spot you at Expo I might just crash for some photo ops together. :)

sjbonnar avatar

sjbonnar - 28th March 2013
Love this idea and the progress is looking good so far! You'll look amazing!

JustPeachy avatar

JustPeachy - 28th March 2013
This is a really cool idea! Looking forward to seeing it finished!

I think the wig looks fine, from the ref it looks to be a good match :) Also I think it suits your skin tone so I wouldn't worry! :)

ToroSonyCat avatar

ToroSonyCat - 28th March 2013
I think the wig looks perfect on you, no need to worry about it!

Carmina avatar

Carmina - 8th April 2013
The choker is looking very good so far. It's possibly a little wider than in the ref but as an interpretation I think it wouldn't look as good if you made it exactly to scale. I like the colour scheme and the choices of materials.

Greenstar88 avatar

Greenstar88 - 8th April 2013
This looks so cool *_* good luck with finishing it!

CyanideCustard avatar

CyanideCustard - 16th April 2013
you're gonna look platinum pussycat!

Numta avatar

Numta - 25th April 2013
looking awesome =D

its great to see some Alt colour variants!

cosplaymatt1 avatar

cosplaymatt1 - 12th May 2013
this is comming along swimmingly :D

Origin avatar

Origin - 17th May 2013
Awesome progress so far! I may have to ste-.. *cough* uh... -borrow- that method of colouring my own eyebrows (dark brown to white). Also, good luck with your Sparda. I now know those cosplay prop feels and, with the best part of a week to go, it's starting to get hectic. :D

awesomeblossom avatar

awesomeblossom - 18th June 2013
I thought I commented on this after expo but I didn't! ;___ ;

It was great to get a picture with you and you looked so awesome! Keep up the awmazing costuming! =D

Zelvyne avatar

Zelvyne - 2nd July 2013
It was great to see this in person - you looked fab

WhiteWraith avatar

WhiteWraith - 6th September 2013
You look amazing, really suits you :)

InfiniteJester avatar

InfiniteJester - 6th September 2013
This looks pretty epic!

Mothfox avatar

Mothfox - 12th November 2013
Very good job on the costume ^_^ wish i got to see it in person as theres not that many trish's around

g123 avatar

g123 - 21st January 2014
Love this, great idea!