Amy Rose - Sonic the Hedgehog: Sonic Heroes


Dee-Con 2012




I made this costume from clothes that I bought from Primark. I got several tops in a sale, as well as a skirt. I also bought red fabric dye. I made boot covers by sewing fabric onto a pair of boots and I made the ears from felt and attached them to hair clips. I borrowed the pink wig from my mum.

I made the hammer from a curtain pole, to which I sellotaped two large tins on either side securely. I then cut a large sheet of cardboard in half, lengthways and folded them into two circles, making two identical hoops. I then sellotaped them to either side of the pole, on top of the tins and covered the ends with sticky back plastic. I finished it off by covering the whole thing in coloured paper and a layer of sticky back plastic to make it water proof (seeing as I live in Scotland ;))


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