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Fuyucon 2007




Q-chan is Count D's most popular pet, other than Tet-chan, Pon-chan and Ten-chan. She/he is a Wolpertinger, which is a German mythical beast (I think)
It's a rabbit/bat/fluffy thing with little horns. Looks kinda like a scary pikachu I guess ^ ^;;;;

After a few problems with using different patterns for each part of it from different animals, I randomly decided to use a pattern from a book about bean toys. It was called a 'juggling baby' and was pretty straight forward to make. It was my first time using a gathering stitch and sewing the head onto the body, but it turned out rreally good. I forgot the whiskers ^ ^;;; and embroidered the mouth and nose. I had some problems with the eye's since the bead's didn't look right and i had trouble embroidering them, so I got some black felt and sewed on. I still used a pattern for rabbit ears for his ears and an owl pattern for his feet. By this time my Grandmother thought I had bought it XDDD

While I was at the con I made the horns and wings. I put on horn in the wrong place and was going to leave it but by the morning it had gotten to me so I re-positioned it before breakfast :D and then later on I made the wings. I wanted to wrap the pipecleaners in strips of black felt and attach them to the wings that way but it wasn't working, so I ended up overstitching the pipecleaners onto the wings directly. I made each one and attached them seperatly, making sure the pipecleaners were at the back (they're bright green ^ ^;;;) They still flop a little but they stick up a bit ^ ^

Downside: the ends of the pipecleaners sometimes catch on my dress ^ ^;;;


1000014 posted on 17 July, 2008 - 21:43
oh jesus!!!!! SO COOL, I did Count D :D

Quinzel posted on 28 February, 2011 - 21:01
So cute!! :3 Nice work!