Yuri Lowell - RETIRED
Tales of Vesperia ~The First Strike~

Cosplayer: InfiniteJester

Variant: Off Duty Knight

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

AyaCon 2013

10th July 2013: doneee Everything is done pretty much now. I decided to be a little inaccurate and not make the boot covers as I'm a bit pressed for time (will make them if I find some time though closer to the con!). Just reusing a pair of boots I do have - they're exactly the same apart from the yellow stripe and middle split. Belts arrived this morning and I finished the top a few days ago. Just waiting for the coloured elastic to arrive for the hairband and then totally complete.

23rd June 2013: progress Base has been made - just needs to add in the zip, hem and neaten up

25th April 2013: Fabric... Bought the fabric today for the tunic - this costume should be my easiest for Aya I hope. Also found the perfect base bracelet for Yuri's blastia when I paint it gold.

14th April 2013: the start Wig has arrived and is cut (not final cut in the picture though). I already have the trousers for this and am going to go fabric hunting for the rest in the next few weeks.

KiraraYumi avatar

KiraraYumi - 21st March 2013
This is gonna be AWE~SOME! I am so excited x3

InfiniteJester avatar

InfiniteJester - 22nd March 2013
So excited too for this! Finally get to cosplay Tales with you! It's going to be Legen - wait for it - dary!

DefineImagineMJ avatar

DefineImagineMJ - 7th April 2013
I love how laid back and sarcastic Yuri is. Good luck with this!
I want a puppy Repede!

InfiniteJester avatar

InfiniteJester - 8th April 2013
*Yuri bro fist* A puppy Repede would be adorable!

DefineImagineMJ avatar

DefineImagineMJ - 18th July 2013
Haha! Bro fist. Love it!
I'm doing Yuri's default game version on the Sunday, and after chatting with Kirara Yumi it looks like I'll be meeting with you guys then for photos as well!

We need to find more Vesperia people! Someone I know might be bringing Judith.

Looking great there too!

InfiniteJester avatar

InfiniteJester - 18th July 2013
Ah, thanks! Yes, photos sounds great for both Graces and Vesperia! Looking forward to it :) And a Judith too! <3

Ranmaru cosplays avatar

Ranmaru cosplays - 20th December 2013
sooo coool XD this looks great and i hope i find someone to cosplay Flynn when i do this

InfiniteJester avatar

InfiniteJester - 20th December 2013
Thank you so much! Hope you do!