Meryl Silverburgh (Rat Patrol) - Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

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I've desided to go to the London MCM at last and I have encouraged my partner to go with me so we thought we would be a couple and go as Meryl and Johnny from Metal Gear Solid 4.

I have been looking and I am going to try and keep the cost of this as low as possible, as the 2 most expensive items are the attack plate carrier and the boots. I am going to try and make the attack plate carriers because the cheaper I can find is £50 and for 2 people thats £100 before I even start gettting the rest of the stuff. Instead, I have bought 2 similar ones for £18.50 each, free shipping but coming from China means they may take some time to arrive. I'm going to buy some khaki velcro and stitch it together, stitch webbing straps to the front to hide the seams then stitch that to the from of the plate carrier. It's an easy alternative to spending £100, only abotu £50 in total instead.

For the evasion bag I am going to see if I can buy a haversack bag, they look similar and if need be I can sew on some pockets but I have found one online for £10 which is a lot cheaper than buying an evasion bag

I'll also need to make the shirts, buy tan trousers, knee pads, buy the boots, make a bandana to some how fit under my wig, buy gloves and make 'arm warmers' if you know what I mean.

This is quite a big project for me to make in 2 months but even more so when I have to make 2 lots but I'm sure it will all work out... I hope!

"I had to give up though, this was orignally for the London May MCM 2013 but 2 months wasn't enough I'm afraid."


Zelvyne posted on 10 April, 2013 - 16:05
Always good to see another Meryl :) Best of luck with it I had the same problem with the plate carrier - I know it's a bit pricey, but krylon kit paint in sand colour can help bring all the colours together more. Looking forward to seeing the finished costume

Phantom.Mantis posted on 10 April, 2013 - 23:41
Really looking forward to seeing a good Meryl costume! Especially since I'll be doing Mantis - photo op! ;) Keep it up - see you in May :D!!

SparklingMinx posted on 11 April, 2013 - 07:25
Thanks guys, and thanks for the tip with the paint! That will really help! And if we don't have a photo I will come, find you and set Johnny on you! =D

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Progress Journal

6th May 2013

Postponing I'm Afraid

Less than 3 weeks to go to the London MCM and I may have to postpone the Meryl and Johnny costumes, there's no way I can get them both finished in time. I will either have to go as a nearly (nearly being I'm halfway through but nearly makes me feel better) finished Meryl and Johnny costumes or postpone them until October. I had a feeling that it was gonna be hard trying to do Johnny and Meryl in 2 months =/

10th April 2013

Plate carriers

I got my plate carriers today only I'm not happy with them. They look good only they are the wrong colour. They're more green then brown, I fell for the photo on the internet and got it wrong, but to me khaki is more brown. If I compare my wedding straps to them they look green and I bought the straps as khaki as well but I think I am ust going to have to get on with it and accept that they are the wrong colour otherwise I will be at this forever! Maybe I'll sell these one day and get the correct ones =/
In the photo, they are darker in real life, without the flash.

31st March 2013


I thought I wou;d be better off using my 4 day easter weekend to progress in this costume.

First problem - I realised 3 metres is not enough material for mine and my partners costumes, enough for me but no where near enough for him.
Second problem - Spandex dyed okay, really good colour only it's a little patchy in places and I realised after I cut everything out I'm going to need to make my bandana as well.

Anything else? Oh yea, I don't have a sewing machine!

24th March 2013

So far

Foxhound badges have arrived and so has my pattern for my top. The spandex is in the post but when it arrives I need to buy some black dye as I've bought white, a hell of a lot cheaper than grey and black! The attack plate carriers are in the post but coming from China so they'll take ages to arrive. Most of the other things I have added to my Ebay watch list. It's just the holsters I need to find now.