Toadsworth / Kinojii - Super Mario Sunshine


I want to do this costume because while watching the first cutscene of Super Mario Sunshine, I decided that I really like Toadsworth and thought I'd like to cosplay him.

Officially started 19/11/2011 when I bought a couple threads and a base hat for this costume.

The easiest part was the bow-tie and shoes as they were just bought. The easiest craft was editing the trousers slightly.

The hardest part was making the hat since it was my first attempt at that kind of hat, and also moulding the shape of the mushroom cane.

It was very comfortable to wear, the only difficulty was the moustache coming off about 5 times during the day. But it could be re-applying easily with more sellotape and drying above my lip since it slipped off from sweat or having a drink.

The hat was made by following this tutorial (http://what-rachel-made-today.blogspot.com/2010/10/tutorial-toad-from-mario-bros.html); buying a base hat, cutting out a large circle of beige fabric, folding and pressing, sewing in darts, sewing the fabric to the hat, stuffing, sealing the back, adding the brown spots, and then adding a chin strap to keep steady when I move my head.

The glasses are my own.

The moustache was made by drawing out a base shape on paper to also get the right size. That was then used to trace out the shape on a white foam sheet and then that was cut out carefully. The foam moustache was then stuck to the face using double-sided sticky tape.

The bow-tie was bought from eBay off seller ecitygo.

To make the waistcoat I used a waistcoat as a guide to make the three panels. They were then sewn together at the shoulders and sides, and the rest of the edges were hemmed. Then I got 5 round gold buttons and sewed them and 5 button holes in.

The jacket was made by cutting out 3 panels out of purple material, and sewing the main pieces together at the shoulders and sides, then the arm holes were hemmed. Then long strips of yellow material were cut out and sewn onto the edges with hemming.

The trousers were bought from eBay, off seller firstfashions2011, and were altered by sewing the flares shut and reducing the length with hemming at the bottoms.

The shoes were bought from eBay off seller sweetsugarshoez.

The cane was made by moulding the shape out of mainly a long cardboard tube a poster got sent in and some lumps and rolled up pieces of newspaper and sellotape was used in hold it into place. I then paper-mached over it with two layers using glue and water on pieces of kitchen roll. After that I painted the cane with acrylic paints and did the lighter colours before the darker colours.

magicalpantsu posted on 9 March, 2012 - 19:26
This will be wonderful oh my gosh.

Satellite posted on 3 April, 2012 - 12:54

Berserk667 posted on 29 May, 2012 - 22:13
this cosplay made me chuckle. i love it

Mushroom Hat
White Moustache
Mushroom Cane
Red Bow-Tie
White Trousers
Brown Shoes

Total cost: £0.00

23rd May 2012

Mushroom Cane Finished

The cane was paper mached over a couple layers using a mix of PVA glue and water and kitchen roll pieces. I then painted over it starting with the lighter colours so it's easier to paint over the darker colours.

30th April 2012

Moustache Finished

The spirit gum didn't work on the foam sheet very well, so I'm instead using double-sided sticky tape which sticks very well. I can also take it off and add more tape if necessary.

15th April 2012

Mushroom Cane Started

Using a poster tube as a base, when I bought a poster from Play.com once, the cane has been molded out of newspaper and sticky tape. Next is to paper mache over it with 2 or 3 layers.

15th April 2012

Moustache Created

First made a template out of paper to make sure it would be symmetrical, then drew around that on a white foam sheet and cut it out. Will need to be tested when I get spirit gum remover to see if I can get it off and then back on easily since it'll need to come off when I eat lunch.

14th April 2012

Waistcoat Finished

Got 5 gold buttons and sewed them in and added in button holes by hand, so I may get some fray stoppa or something simular to prevent any frays. Also got a sleeveless white shirt for the bow tie which will also match well with the white trousrs.

5th April 2012

Jacket Finished

Using the waistcoat made previously, I cut out the front and back panels out of purple fabric to make sure it would turn out bigger. They were sewn together on the shoulders and sides, then the arm holes were hemmed. Then a couple thick yellow strips of fabric were cut out and were added to the remaining trim on the jacket with hemming on both sides.

3rd April 2012

Waistcoat Started

Using another waistcoat as a guide, I cut out 3 panels for the waistcoat; 2 front pieces and 1 back piece. They were then sewn at the sides and the shoulders and the edges were then hemmed. Next is to add the buttons.

22nd March 2012

Bow-Tie Bought

Bought a red bow-tie from eBay seller ecitygo. Will need to wear a collared shirt underneath to hide the red band.

6th March 2012

Hat Finished

Each brown spot was sewn on by hand using a curved needle. Then I measured and sewed on a chin strap to keep it as steady as possible when I move my head.

3rd February 2012

Hat Progress

Sewed the beige fabric to the hat, leaving a gap at the back so it could be stuffed. Then that hole was sealed shut and the brown circles got cut out and pinned in place, ready to sew on next.

31st January 2012

Hat Progress

I had done the previous step a bit wrong, but I cut the small hole left a bit bigger so I could then hem that around the hat. It's been pinned in place ready to sew on and with enough room for me to still wear and to stuff.

30th January 2012

Hat Started

Using this tutorial (http://what-rachel-made-today.blogspot.com/2010/10/tutorial-toad-from-mario-bros.html) for a Toad hat, I've cut out the beige circle, made the folds, and sewed in the darts. Now it's ready to be sewn onto my base hat.

17th January 2012

Trousers bought and altered

Bought a pair of white trousers from eBay seller firstfashions2011. They had slit flares and were a bit long so I sewed the flares shut and also reduced the leg length by hemming it once.

12th January 2012

Shoes Bought

Got these shoes from eBay (from seller sweetsugarshoez) which are a nice brown and plain enough for Toadsworth. The trousers will be long enough to go over the rim of the shoe.

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