Alex Weiss
Tomb Raider (2013)

Cosplayer: StarSpangledMan

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

18th March 2013: Salvaging materials... It's begun! After playing the new Tomb Raider (which is brilliant fyi), I've decided my next cosplay will be... (spoiler! - the ill fated) Alex Weiss! To some degree I struggled to keep my Captain America costume in check at MCM last October, so I decided to go for something more casual and easier to maintain this time around. (I'm still planning on wearing Cap at some point during the show!)

The majority of his outfit is already in my wardrobe, which will make this a pretty easy task to bring together. The 'Esc' T-Shirt (see website photo) on its way from the official Tomb Raider Store, with the glasses and other accessories sourced from eBay. Once these items arrive through my letterbox I can begin the weathering process. I plan on a gritty, wounded version of Alex, seen later on in the game.

More soon! :)