Sakaki (Cat Cafe Waitress) - Azumanga Daioh


Ayacon 2011




Sakaki Cat Cafe Waitress cosplay for Ayacon 2011.

The shirt from ebay, which I sewed more buttons onto (as it was open neck) and poppers to make it close, I added the burgundy ribbon to the edges with craft glue and by sewing.

I bought some soft orange fabric to make the bow and stitched it all together to keep it's shape. I also bought orange cotton and created a small apron which I edged with white ribbon by glueing and sewing.

The Father Hat was made of burgundy felt, backed with a thin layer of foam and then backed again with black cotton. The eyes I sewed on with a white thick fabric off cut and then stitched on with a wide tight stitch to create the edge / pupil.

The Hat was the hardest bit to do and the part I was most / least happy with!

I bought the skirt from H&M in the sale and already had socks and shoes to wear :)


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