Katy Perry (First Transformation) - E.T Music Video


Kitacon 2014




I've wanted to cosplay this since I first saw the video, this is one of the few Katy Perry songs I love and love the vid too so yeah ... defo cosplaying this in the next 12months!

It has beeb decided that this will be for one of the parties at Kita 14


ryaoki posted on 18 March, 2013 - 09:24
When do I need to get Kanye West finished then

sjbonnar posted on 18 March, 2013 - 11:22
Haha this will be awesome!

Quinzel posted on 12 April, 2013 - 14:35
Wow, this will be amazing! You're gonna do a fab job of it, I can't wait to see it :)

Fizzykat posted on 19 October, 2013 - 14:54
wow cant wait to see this!