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Edit: Moved this to "Planned" even though they are all completed projects as I don't want these to count towards my 'cosplay' total.

A collection of some of the items that I've made over the past few years (mostly as presents). Figured it would be good to upload some of them, but I don't think it warrants a separate page for each.

Ashbringer (World of Warcraft) - Miniature rendition. Test piece for a couple of moulding techniques, made for Sharpkun.

Companion Cube (Portal) - Plushie version. Made this before they started mass producing them... hand sewn with felt while I was away in Belgium in 2008. Made for Sharpkun.

Core Drill (Gurren Lagann) - Again, before there were any made. Tiran then used this for his Simon outfit (Amecon 2008). For a bit of fun, I painted the swirls over in clear glow-in-the-dark paint, so it could be held up to light to charge and then produce a glowy green swirl in the dark (leading to the infamous quote from Arami whilst at a party "You can't see this, but it's glowing!"). Made for Sharpkun. I need to find it to take a picture as I can't find any on my PC other than the ones here (

VF Kairi-Inspired Pencil Case (Dead Fantasy) - Gah, I know I have pictures of this somewhere, handmade pencil case inspired by the valor form kairi outfit design. Red material, lined with black, black zip, Two little eyelets near upper corner (on both sides) with matching white markings across the face. Mini hot moulded and painted foam Oblivion and Oathkeeper charms as keyring-style attachments to the zip. Made for Arami.

Gurren Lagann Pillow (Gurren Lagann) - Miniaturised British-Gurren-Lagann-Inspired Flag acryliced onto a handmade cushion/pillow thing, when back when it was submitted to
(and won) the British Flag redesign competition! xD Made for Sharpkun.

Bulwark of the Amani Empire (World of Warcraft) - Full Size wall mount. Was originally a Xmas present and I didn't have time to do the skulls properly, so some day I shall detach the temporary pieces and do the skulls and ribboning properly (rather than using stand-in cardboard). Made for Sharpkun.

Ryusei Bear (Super Robot Wars) - Valentine's Day present... A Build-A-Bear Workshop bear ("Arthur") wearing the classic Ryusei SRX uniform (handmade). Years later, acted as a substitute for the Ryusei cosplayer for the Minamicon SRW group as Sharpkun didn't manage to get his costume done in time... >_>; Made for Sharpkun.

Rinoa Bear outfit(Dead Fantasy) - In the process of making a few outfits for my bear, but this was the only one that was pretty much finished (other than the gunblade) - great excuse to use up more of that duster material that has no other use. Coupled with Arami Heartilly's Valor Form Kairi bear costume for funs as we did the characters together one Ayacon. Made for ME. :D

Character Painting (World of Warcraft) - A mini acrylic painting of one of my friends Warcraft characters from the webcomic series "Badluck's Adventures". Including this as I was pretty proud of how it came out, despite my lack of canvas painting ability normally. Secret Santa for a friend that hopefully doesn't come on this site. ._.


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