Marin - The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening




It's a nice and simple costume to do (especially for places where large crowds are involved), and I can re-wear it at Auchinawa.

Link's Awakening was the first LoZ game that I played back when it first came out for GameBoy in 1993. From this point on I was hooked into the series (I played through LttP not long after). As such, Link's Awakening has always been particularly special to me and I would love to someday do Marin's dress from it.

The number of times I would leave "Ballad of the Wind Fish" playing before going to bed at night when I was a kid... love that song. <3

Finished! Although there are a few tweaks I'll be making (given my lack of time) before I wear it again, finish the harp/lines, get a new wig, and swap in for the original hair flower(the original hibiscus flower didn't make it through in time, so had to wear a cheaper plastic one).


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