Vossler Azelas - Final Fantasy XII





This came about when I was talking with miiol about beards. So, self-explanatory really. I was GUTTED by Vossler’s story, he really didn’t deserve to meet the fate he did. =/ DAMN YOU, SQUARE!

So far I’ve made the green shoulder/neck thing, trousers and I have NO idea how I’m going to make that open neck to his jerkin. I also think I may need to take shares out in Funky Foam.


Anonymous posted on 27 February, 2009 - 20:35
LOL in my game Vossler was all "Don't go through the red line it is a trap and will bring guards!!! *WALKS THROUGH THE RED LINE*" Argh Vosslehoff!! Manly men!! Yar! I'm so excited :D x

Silver_Shards posted on 28 February, 2009 - 19:28
He was distracted by his vosslehoffness! Or Basch's bread, because it's more MANLY. I think we should give Balthier and Vann beards too XD OR THEY CAN'T BE MANLY.

Shazz posted on 1 March, 2009 - 17:23
I am being Balthier and I wouldn't mind a beard!! Maybe it would help me look more MANLY and not SHORT SKINNY BLONDE GIRL :/

Anonymous posted on 2 March, 2009 - 17:50
"I think we should give Balthier and Vann beards too XD OR THEY CAN'T BE MANLY." Yes!! Hahah we should parade around and flex saying 'you can't be in our MANLY club unless you have a beard, sorry'! Or maybe not even say sorry because we're MANLY. LOL

Silver_Shards posted on 3 March, 2009 - 01:09
It is settled then! Everyone gets beards and we can flex in the August sunshine. XD

Sephirayne posted on 3 March, 2009 - 05:06
Awesome. I can't wait to see you do this. I've yet to complete the game so I don't know much about his storyline. Your going to be epic though.

Anonymous posted on 15 March, 2009 - 19:08
I saw this and thought of you! Well... of Vossler but I'm sure you get the joke! XD http://www.newlook.co.uk/1580297/158029704/ProductDetails.aspx we need to get one and replace it with Vosslehoff's face!

Odd-One-Out posted on 14 May, 2009 - 11:46
Vossler?! You are my hero. I like those pants, they are manly just like Vossler.

leumas posted on 10 November, 2009 - 09:23
Did this ever get done?We are having a big FFXII group at May's Expo and still need a Vossler if you're interested?There is a thread on the Cosplay Island forum