Alice Liddel (Wonderland) - Alice Madness Returns (American Mcgee's)




This is the cosplay my sister is doing but she doesn't have a CosplayIsland account so I thought I would add her first costume to mine.

As with my London varient, we made the apron out of a bedsheet, only this one is double the material to make it a more solid white. The blood has been carefully painted on to look like the blood on her dress in the game and the symbols were drawn on in t-shirt marker then acrylic over the top.

The dress is a pre-made dress shortened by my sister.

The vorpal blade is made out of foamboard covered in a layer of kitchen roll and paper mache. Then, she painted it in acrylic for the base and the design.

The pendant is made out of a cardboard base with kitchen roll and paper mache over the top then painted in acrylic. Same applies for all the buckles on the boots which are held on with elastic so the boot is not damaged.

Apart from blowdrying hair stright and heavy on the eye make up, that's about it really.

Some of the things I don't have photos for yet but once I see my sister in full costume I'll be able to post them up here for you =)


Augmented Queen posted on 16 March, 2013 - 19:21
This looks brilliant~ Your props are amazing too!