Eldar farseer
Warhammer 40k

Cosplayer: Kestra

Status: In Progress

Condition: Not Set

This costume has not been worn at any events yet.

17th September 2013: the great ordeal (helmet troubles) so i have taken it apon myself (the self proclamed greatest hater of jigsaw puzzles) to use pepekura as a starting point for my helmet and after many hours of cursing and and days regresing to an infant state crawling around on my floor looking for matcing numbers on white peices of paper i have finished my helmet-base, to my delight ....and to my increased delight i have now taken a craft-knife and sissors to it making template peices. the the continueation of this is a story for another time.

30th April 2013: bad news every body so i thought this was a bit ambisious for a first costume in 8 weeks but due to money and time constraints i will have to put this off till octobers mcm or the first con/expo that i am ready for but i will be at octobers expo definatly ...sigh i dont enjoy missing deadlines

20th April 2013: additions so today i got in my body suit and placed the armour peices over their respective locations and realized i wass missing a midrif peace on the main reference picture there was a great huge sash that looked like it was made of a woll like material ...well i cant knit for toffee so rather than use that idear i created a midrif plate and have designed, cut, glued and primed that today. i did take a picture but my web cams definition is deplorable at best and the sd card in my digital camera is stuck on derpasuras-rex mode so you will have to wait and see it later.

16th April 2013: shopping right this evening i spent some time and money ordering some bits and peices (boots,body suit, resin of two types, a wig i got for a steal at a little over £6. i still have some stuff i need to buy some cloth for the robe and jacket some elastic and some matirials for the witchblade and power blade but things are coming together nicely

10th April 2013: PVA right today i started on the job of pva priming my foam ready for resin aplication . im hoping for a hard plastic finish to the armour .

5th April 2013: new flat right thats me moved into my new flat more room which means more efficient crafting and crating

27th March 2013: more glue right so i finally had my delivery of hot glue today and in so in an hour i knocked together 5 more peices i had pre cut them so im now up to 20h or work on this

20th March 2013: oh foam so sat waiting for a delivery of plastazote foam to arrive at my place so i can get this fabrication truly underway. right foam came and progress is being made.
Two hours later i have produced the three foam parts...seems to be smooth sailing so far.

16th March 2013: fitting robes so i just had a friend of mine do be a fitting for my robe under garment...it was out of cheap pink flowery bed sheets but it was cheap material £2.40 from a charaty shop(or however you spell it) so yes i was galavanting around in a pink dress essentually there will be a pic put up of me in fitting prototype if people would like ...but remember i will only do it on request and on all of your heads be it.

JustPeachy avatar

JustPeachy - 20th March 2013
Progress is looking really good here, can't wait to see the finished result!

Alucard avatar

Alucard - 21st March 2013
Looking good man. Keep me updated as I can't wait to see this.

Andrew Armstrong avatar

Andrew Armstrong - 27th March 2013
Nice plastazote work; I need to get some of that in and learn how to use it! I'll be watching this one closely :D love I W40k characters and this looks cool!

Kestra avatar

Kestra - 27th March 2013
its not hard to work with this is my first costume and my first use of plastazote foam just need a good sharp knife, if you want a nice plastic finish though i would have a look at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MDwQg6CX25A
gives a good method

pepperwithapen avatar

pepperwithapen - 9th April 2013
Nom nom nom Eldar souls, Amour looking good man some very clean carving

Kei Lin Sama avatar

Kei Lin Sama - 10th April 2013
Your progress pics are awesome. I'm a bit of a 40K fan. Can't wait to see this finished

Kestra avatar

Kestra - 10th April 2013
i do try and provide regular updates had to take a week off due to moving house but am back in the swing of things now

DizzieDee avatar

DizzieDee - 21st May 2013
looks good so far :)

adamphillip avatar

adamphillip - 22nd May 2013
nice how are you making your blades?

Kestra avatar

Kestra - 22nd May 2013
i planned to use perspex as a core for transmitting the lights from leds and the using two thin layers of ply either side to strengthen it, covered in fiberglass then resin to give a nice top finish.

HannahShotFirst avatar

HannahShotFirst - 24th May 2013
Very detailed, fantastic! I know what it's like to have time constraints, but keep it up and you will be rewarded with love for the costume, and you'll feel great! Good luck in your quest :) x

gaming_goddess avatar

gaming_goddess - 1st August 2013
Progress is looking awesome :D *Adds to watch list*

DizzieDee avatar

DizzieDee - 13th September 2013
daaaaaymn looks good so far :3