Jade Harley (God Tier) - Homestuck




Hand-stitched outfit, hopefully as accurate as possible (with a teensy bit of a shorter skirt cos why not).
I've been planning to do this outfit for a while but was recently inspired by some poi-related fanart of the beta kids so expect to see me spinning poi over the weekend (weather permitting!)
Part of this outfit had already been made for my previous Punk Tier outfit, such as the ears and hood and just had to be adapted :)


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Progress Journal

21st May 2014

Finally Finished!!

At half 4 in the morning after many late nights and much hard work I have finally finished!! I was sneakily adapting my punktier hood for this outfit and hopefully it won't be too noticeable.
I prefer to sew everything by hand where possible and so everything in my outfit was hand-sewn (excluding the shirt bodice to save time and the skirt which was bought) and I'm glad its over!
I also noticed that maybe I should have splashed out on a new pair of tights for this because mine have ladders all the way up the legs and holes (although luckily the skirt covers the worst of it). One size fits all, my arse!