Cosplayer: stitcher

Variant: Female Burlesque style

Status: In Progress

Condition: Not Set

12th June 2013: Unsolvable riddle So I've kind of lost interest in this one. not completely (Don't worry it will happen one day) but I'd prefer to work on others for the moment... so poor femme riddler is going on hold indeffinately.

9th May 2013: I made a clever! So i've realised that because of the high leg-ness of my costume I can't seem to fin underwear that doesn't show.
I've just managed to find a pair in the exact same colour with string sides, meaning if they do show they'll look like part of it!
Next on the list of to do... get a bra that fits and doesn't show through!

11th April 2013: not being able to see sucks So i'm doing most of the work for riddler at my boyfriends house, and today has been a day full of sewing.
Because of the lay out of his room, I'm working in bed.
the lighting for working isn't super great in here, and what with me needing glasses anyway I've spent the last two hours working on the shoes stabbing myself in the hand with pins and needles.

9th April 2013: Shit I've stuck myself to so far I've been using super glue for the shoes.
So far here's the list
Table cloth
Milk carton
Milk carton lid
Plastic bag
Myself (elbow to side)
Myself (thumb to finger)
Myself (thumb to eyebrow)
Myself (face to newspaper)
My ring to my finger
Myself to the shoes

(so far this is it)

5th April 2013: a mysterious package Got a text today from my mum saying "what on earth have you bought? There's a huge box here and a tiny box here addressed to you"
Do we know what this means?
It means my costume bits have arrived!
It means I can start pinning, and stitching and twirling and sticking :D
I'm SUPER excited to get home either tonight or tomorrow and start work!

flamewizo avatar

flamewizo - 1st April 2013
cool :) look forward to seeing this :D

stitcher avatar

stitcher - 2nd April 2013
Thanks :) Parts of it are arriving in the male in the next week, so I'll keep uploading progress. :) x