Cecilia Alcott (School Uniform) - Infinite Stratos




Did it for Wing Zero's big Infinite Stratos group. Cecilia is a fun ojousama.

This jacket uniform was a pain in the behind to pattern. Also never, ever combine the bodice of a pattern with the sleeves of another, specially if the two patterns are from different companies. Bad things will happen (like they not fitting together and you having to scream while trying to fix it the best you can and hope nobody will notice).

I fully lined everything in this costume. Kinda proud of it.

Wig is... urgh. I slashed a second wig and sewed it to the first one o give it more volume. Then used the methood of roll hair around desired shape + hair spray the heck out of it to make the ringlets. Did them trice. They all came apart under an hour. Felt like crying. Will keep trying until I can get proper ringlets and then take new pictures.

Contact lenses are Dolly + in blue bought from Japanese Candy.

Pictures by Foxy's Eye and Pouncy.


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