Lady - Thomas the Tank Engine




This was for a crazy, amazing Thomas the Tank Engine group. Unlike everyone else in the group, I did not grew up watching the show, but was aware of it. And I loved the Nostalgia Critic review of the movie "Thomas and the Magical Railroad" that gave birth to the group idea. As such I decided to do Lady. Because she is pink and magical.

Used Simplicity 2172 because it looked cool and steampunk-ish, but did a frill on the bottom of the skirt instead because I love ruffles.

Jacket, dress + bustier is made out of cerise acetate satin, took about 9 meters in total, with a lot of gold piping and some gold lame ribbon and fabric for ruffles and edges. The little chimney top-hat was made very last minute of cardboard, fabric and ribbon. Shoes were originally white, then spray-painted gold and little wheels glued to them.

Wig was gotten off ebay, was originally a wig meant for Hina Ichigo from Rozen Maiden whose ringlets were teased out to give it a vintage look.

A big thank you to the Southampton station staff that let us in to take some pictures.

All pictures are by Foxy's Eye.


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