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Fabric used was

white top: Slipper satin (very thin single use) 3.50 per mtr used a fair few cos I did seamless design
one side is SHINEY! and the other side the dull wrong side of the satin, I used the wrong side as the top fabric.
Saying that the outfit is reversable for a more dramatic look and blinding in the sun XD (No seam allowance showing)

Blue waist coat thing: double sided Satin about £7 per a mtr didnt need as much of this.

The leg ties was made from some cotton bias I had sitting around, plaited and knotted the ends.

black fabric: half a mtr about £2.50 cotton drill

I love this outfit because of the long sleeves but hate it cos I had trouble picking up things without having to twirl the sleeve around my arm to access my hands XD

sarmander posted on 20 June, 2009 - 01:39
Awww!! So cute, Korea! X3

Find right Fabric - White, blue and black (Satin?)

Total cost: £0.00

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