Tsunami - Tenchi Muyo!



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18th March 2013

Wig Hunt

Although this costume is ages away, since I've been looking up wig options for Ayacon, I decided to start looking around to see what kinds of things I could find for Tsunami as well. I'm more likely to veer towards the cyan colour that Sasami has, and that Tsunami is depicted with in the Anime rather than the manga images, but may dye it a little cobalt blue if I end up with a wig that's overly bright - which given what 'extra long' wigs there seem to be out there (most of them being a more Hatsumiku cyan hue) may end up happening. Anyway, initial hunts seem to suggest I may end up with a 51" or 60" wig similar to these - http://tinyurl.com/cxaboht / http://tinyurl.com/bqeckaa (blue) and then work on the styling/dying process from there. However I will probably end up waiting until June or so before I can afford to get something, but I would like to get that wig out of the way!