Madotsuki (Normal game sprite) - yume nikki




I'm warning you now, I have a lot of horror rpg cosplays on my list..
Here's Madotsuki!!
Once again, I'm not sure when I'll be cosplaying her, but when I do, my friend is going to join me as Sabitsuki (.flow)!!

[edit 30/08/13]
Some of my expo groups have fallen through, so I have space for quick and easy cosplays! Madotsuki is one of them :)

I was thinking about cosplaying Machigerita's manga version, but that might be a project for another time~


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Progress Journal

30th August 2013

Kitchen knives at the ready-

I've finally started buying stuff for Mado-chan!! Today I ordered the wig and a pink turtleneck to customise.
I already have some shoes that I can use for this cosplay, so all I need to worry about next is finding (or maybe making) a skirt.
I think I'm going to be making the checkerboard pattern out of felt, because it's cheap and easy to do. Hopefully it will look okay ♥