Canada (2p!fem!) - Hetalia Axis Powers


Chose this as I adore the costume as well as the character, and I'd like to do more versions of Canada anyway. Will probably do the normal version as well at some point.

The easiest part was probably the skirt, as I managed to do it in about an hour, and the hardest part was the epaulets, as they were a pain to get on, or the holster, as it was a pain to make and kept collapsing.

Naygoesmoo posted on 2 December, 2014 - 11:10
You look awesome, hun <3 Well done!

Make skirt
Make pouch
Make maple leaf clip
Add epaulets & sleeve strips
Dye coat
Make belt
Make pockets
Brown fabric
Red dye
Red coat
Blue socks
Blue fabric

Total cost: £0.00

10th May 2013


Large, canon headpiece, skirt, two smaller headpieces made because I had the paper. Yay finished cosplay yay!

8th May 2013


Coat + belt, including details of pocket, epaulets, sleeve-things and belt. Belt is fairly fragile so it's not in the picture of the coat.

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