Toon Link + skyknight link (commision) (Tunics and hat) - The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass


AyaCon 2013


To be worn by link love joy to join me and plastic anime for a wind waker/ phantom hourglass group! I'm making the tunic, hat and undershirt.

This is also for a commission of skyknight link from skyward sword, I'm making the tunic and hat

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20th July 2013

Skyknight complete

After the sleeves were sorted I hemmed the bottom of the tunic and made the hat which was simple draw out, cut out and sewed up. Wooooo one tunic down And one to go

20th July 2013

Skyknight progress 3

Second sleeve was a bit if a nightmare, after sewing it on it was smaller than the other sleeve, so I had to edit the other sleeve to make it smaller. But the sleeves are done

20th July 2013

Skyknight progress 2

The tunic has now been stitched together, I then had to make a pattern for the sleeves again off the top of my head, so this was really a test to see if it would work, and luckily it did. So now the basic tunic is sewn together and one sleeve is done, attached, sewn and hemmed.

20th July 2013

Skyknight progress 1

Ok so my bf gave me an old tunic to cut apart for the pattern. So I did exactly that, drew the design out pinned it together to find the pattern didn't fit together at all, the tunic being his first ever costume was made really off... And not gunna lie terrible. So I've chucked the tunic pattern and did a whole tunic pattern for his costume off the top of my head using his measurements, nightmare but redid it and pinned it together ready for sewing.

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