Takamachi Nanoha (Final Battle dress) - Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Naoha StrikerS


Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha looked like a typical Magical girl anime... the first few episodes started off like that, following the rulebook of cliches and tropes to the letter.. then someone threw that book away and replaced it with the book for Mecha shows.

I was sold on the show, the 2nd season got better, then the third season, StrikerS, appeared. the characters grew up, finally i could adore them without the guilt trips and lolicon.

what sold me was the magical weapons, less magic wand, more like a BOOMstick. so i wanted to make one... but i didn't know what costume to go with. while Nanoha had grown up, she was sporting a short miniskirt instead of her traditional full skirt... hmm, wasn't ready to show off 'that area' anytime soon... but then that does leave me wondering if i can cosplay an 11yr old instead..

Until the series finale, where at her full power, Nanoha sported her long skirt again. her weapon, Raising Heart, at that point had an easier design to replicate.

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