Crumbelina Di Caramello

Cosplayer: Angelphie

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

AyaCon 2013

5th August 2013: HAT & cinnamon buns This hat is definitely my favourite part of the costume!

I started out with a baseball cap from a £1 shop as a base and to have the support of the visor. I experimented with mock-ups to make a cover about the right size. My pattern is a circle with a rectangle sewn around its circumference which is then gathered at the bottom to fit the baseball cap and hand sewn in place.

I made the final thing from the same cream polyester twill as the shirt, and padded it all out with wadding so it’s like having a big squashy cushion on my head! The other fabrics used also all match the fabrics elsewhere on the costume. The heart at the front is Bondawebbed on (the jersey doesn't fray so I didn't bother finishing the edges) and has cord trim sewn on by hand since my trial attempts at satin stitching were painful! The stripes were sewn on by hand. The pom-pom on the top is a gathered circle of the pvc padded with wadding. I simply drew around the cap's visor to make a cover for it from my suede fabric then also used Bondaweb to apply the squiggles, same as for my top.

I used drawstring hairpieces for the buns, my own hair will be tucked inside them. I used a length of lighter brown wig fibre to make the spiral shapes and sewed it in place with the aid of lots of hairspray. Definitely not a completely accurate hairstyle, and it's fiddly to get the buns neat and secure in my hair, but it was a cheap and simple method, avoided a wig and the results are marginally less ridiculous-looking than trying to recreate it more precisely.

5th August 2013: Leggings & Shoes I initially wanted to buy a couple of pairs of cheap brown leggings (to have one spare for matching fabric for the hat) but wasn’t having any luck finding some, so I resorted to buying some jersey fabric and making my own. This was probably a better idea since it let me make bootcut leggings (my vague attempt at the cartoonishness of the racers' legs/shoes) and obviously I had plenty spare fabric for the hat.

For the chocolate sauce on the leggings I made my own trim from a stretch pvc. I ended up lining the strips, but it was helpful to have chosen a non-fraying fabric so I could have just cut unhemmed lengths instead if I'd decided to, and the lack of fraying was helpful for the pvc used elsewhere on the costume too.

I bought a rotary cutter for this project (which might now be my new favourite sewing tool) and cut the long strips, joining them together. I sewed them into tubes, turned them the right way out (thanks to a length of ribbon sewn inside) and hot glued them in place while I wore the leggings. I then hand stitched them in a few spots to ensure they're completely secure.

I used the same pvc for the shoecovers – an eay job when using a stretchy fabric. They're glued to a pair of black trainers using Shoe Goo with the edges of the soles left showing. The white blobs are buttons covered in the same cream fabric as the shirt and hat, and I found a pair of heart earrings to glue on. They were a bit of hassle - I had to layer them in pva glue to smooth out the surface, but after that a few coats of pink nail polish they turned out well and were still easier, neater (and more identical) than sculpting my own.

5th August 2013: Jacket & Top The jacket is now finished - by far the worst part was the cuffs. I mean “worst” both in the sense that it was the most difficult part to make and the part I’m least happy with! I decided on piping to trim the scalloped shapes, but it wasn't easy to manipulate that dark brown pvc, and I really should have used smoother cord to stop the texture showing through. Also not pleased that the scallops aren’t that pronounced. I really can't face attempting re-doing it though! Otherwise, I love the jacket and the fabrics I ended up with.

The shirt is simple since it’s mostly covered by the jacket, so just sleeveless with a zip down the back. I used Bondaweb to stick on the squiggly designs, which were cut from the same pvc used on the shoes and leggings. Since pvc doesn't fray there was no need to do anything further to secure them. I like how cartoonish the effect is.

7th June 2013: Some Progress Some initial progress showing all the fabrics I’ve bought for the costume so far, the finished skirt and where I’ve got to with the jacket.

I found a nice suedette in a great colour for this costume and am using both sides of it. I used the darker reverse side for the skirt. After studying it, I decided the pleats radiate outwards from the middle so I put two box pleats at the centre front and back, then knife pleats going opposite directions away from them, meeting at the side seams.

The jacket is wonderfully awful shiny satin jersey. I love it when I get to use ridiculous materials like that! I used the less-shiny side for the exterior and the super-shiny side for the lining. It was cheap and easy to work with, with a helpful bit of stretch to it. I used New Look 6435 as my starting point. The proper, suede-y side of the skirt suedette will be used for the cuffs/collar/sleeve stripes and waistband of the jacket, not all of which I’ve made yet.

The other fabrics (and jacket zip) I’ve bought for the costume are pictured too. I’ve got a cream polyester twill for the hat and top, and the dark brown stretch pvc is for the chocolate sauce. I looked for cords or ribbons to use on the leggings and also thought about puff paint, but eventually decided I’ll make my own trim. I chose the pvc so it’d be shiny, wouldn’t fray and would stretch nicely with the leggings. I can also cut out the pieces for the matching parts on the top and hat and it’ll work well for the shoecovers too.

Finally, I plan to buy two pairs of cheap brown leggings to have one to have one spare for matching fabric for the hat.

Emzone avatar

Emzone - 6th August 2013
This looks great! I'm in love with the hat and hair buns <3
Can't wait to see your group! <3

Donna avatar

Donna - 6th August 2013
Such a cute choice!

madmazda86 avatar

madmazda86 - 31st August 2013
I wanted to steal your hat. It would've been revenge for you threatening to set mine on fire :P

Sephirayne avatar

Sephirayne - 4th February 2014
Finally seen the film. You look great ^_^