Rin Okumura (Partial demon form & Human form) - Ao no exorcist (Blue Excorcist)


Doki Doki 2013




My Rin cosplay current stage:


I have a white collar top and trousers with some normal school shoes. I've obtained the Truce cross academy Tie for Rin. (I will be attempting to make the blazer, if I don't or is not successful I will just wear everything that is underneath.


I have got Kurikara (Rin's demon sword) too. As for the case (Not the sheath), I will order that later with the wig.


(I will Order the wig some time soon, as well as pointed ears and canines. As for the tail, the cheapest one I can order safely is around £30 which I'm not going to buy unless I can find one for no more £20, its ridiculous. I will also attempt to make the tail.)

(I had an crazy idea of making some blue fogy like plastic flames with bright neon blue led's in for the flames. I doubt this will happen unless i can find a away of sculpturing and moulding it.)

Other (non costume):

-Would love to do a duo cosplay with black rock shooter.

-Was thinking of making a Blue exorcist themed cosplay group for conventions and social meets.


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