Lara Croft
Tomb Raider

Cosplayer: TheEmoEmu

Variant: Reboot #2

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

Judges Award for Best Stage Presence May MCM Comic Con 2013

30th March 2013: Trouser Fabric Finally managed to settle on a fabric colour thanks to the help of a few Crofty friends (see what I did there?) and as a bonus, found the perfect fabric IN MY FABRIC BIN! AW YISS!
It's a lil bit more green in real life, but it's awesome. Pretty tough fabric too, so it works. :)

30th March 2013: fml So I was looking for some decent references for her trousers. Lo and behold, they magically change colour in every. Single. Picture.

Now comes the ultimate question: brown or green?

25th March 2013: Makeup Test So after losing a fight with a bike and a lawn chair (don't ask) I decided to take advantage of my scruffed up self and do a makeup test for Lara. The catch? The only bit of real makeup I used was a brown pencil eyeliner. The rest is all watered down acrylics as they have a much better staying power than makeup and I can blend the EXACT colours I want. I painted on a few cuts, a black eye and a lot of muck.
Don't I look attractive? LOL

17th March 2013: Pry Axe Complete Found the perfect shaped branch but it happened to be pretty rotten so I had to shorten it down a lot (shame). Base layered where the bandages were gonna go with masking tape again. Coffee stained some bandages (strips of cloth I ripped up) and wrapped them around over the masking tape. I had no black string so I dyed some green string black, the colour is wearing off though so I need to hunt for black. Added blood spatters and dirt all over to add to the effect.
All in all, I like it, but now my hands reek of coffee.

16th March 2013: Pry Axe Blade Just a simple bit of left over mdf from Lightning's blazefire saber sanded thin, base coated white then spray painted silver before weathering with black paint, sandpaper and adding blood splatters. I think I need to repaint the screws at the end of the blade, possibly grey instead of black?
Tomorrow I shall go attack a tree to get the handle.

6th March 2013: Bow Complete Finished adding the string and tied a knot around the bow string to add to accuracy.

5th March 2013: Bow Progress I'm going for the makeshift long bow she gets first in the game. There's a brilliant reference in my game guide.
It is basically just a bunch of sticks tied together with some string, so I got 5 rather thin sticks, taped them together at points first with parcel tape, then covered that with masking tape and then covered THAT with double sided sticky tape and carefully wrapped string around the sticks over the tape to cover it, before adding a messy layer of string over the top of that just to add to the 'crude bow' effect. The original maker of this wouldn't have had neatness in mind, more survival.
The actual string that you pull back is two pieces of string wrapped around each other as when I first strung the bow I used only one and that snapped quite easily. Two together seems to have the desired amount of strength.
I just need to add the rest of the string over the masking tape now.

Lady Bahamut avatar

Lady Bahamut - 1st June 2013
I didn't get to see it in person, but I know how much you love this cosplay and how much effort you put into it :) It looks epic from the photos and the award looks well deserved! I can see the emotion on your face!

animekid3000 avatar

animekid3000 - 31st July 2014
This cosplay of Lara is totally amazing! most likely one of the best I've seen :D