Sword Art Online

Cosplayer: TheEmoEmu

Variant: Concept Art

Status: Complete

Condition: Not Set

16th September 2013: One arm thingy done I HATE bias binding!

12th September 2013: Skirt done! Added an elasticated waistband and sewed the buttcape onto the skirt.

12th September 2013: Adding the lace Yep, adding lace to the bottom of the buttcape as in the concept art. Proud of my neat stitching :3

12th September 2013: Tacking the pleats down It's always much easier to iron pleats in when they're tacked, not pinned, down.

But it means it takes EVEN MORE TIME.

12th September 2013: Pleating I HATE PLEATING

11th September 2013: Ribbon Sewing For the first time, I'm actually sewing down both sides of super thin ribbon instead of straight through the middle. This is gonna take aaages.
That and I also feel a if I'm sewing a fire bender cosplay.

adamphillip avatar

adamphillip - 12th September 2013
looking good, it'll be a nice cosplay when you're done.
I'll keep a particular eye out for this one SAO being my 2nd favorite anime.