The Sealed Card (Retired) - Card Captor Sakura: The Sealed Card


Top 5 in G2Con




I loooove CCS (and Clamp <3), and prior to this I've done two other cards such as Power and Arrow but unfortunately I don't have any piccus of those anymore. XD

I loved the 2nd movie and the character and costume design of The Sealed Card, and I've been wanting to cosplay her for quite a while and got the chance to during a visit back home to the Philippines. :) Found out that there was going to be a convention over the weekend and I had 2 days to rush having the costume made and making the wings! XD

As it was a total rush job, there were many aspects of the costume that is inaccurate however I still loved it to bits. :D I purposely made the wings inaccurate as I didn't have time to buy better quality feather, and also if I made them accurate to their anime design, everyone would bump into them EVEN MORE than they already had. X___X
I didn't end up finding a wig in time for her so I just had my hair curled, totally doesn't count but better than leaving it straight how it is naturally. XD
It was such a rush job that I was awake until 6am on the day of the con finishing off the wings!!! XD


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