Yagyuu Kyubei - Anime, Manga, Gintama


White fabric from previous outfits (bought too much back then so was handy)
Made the White jacket, ribbons, 2 buttons, grey material for the cuffs(Spare scraps)

The White Jacket had alot of process to it and thanks to the ribbon I could hide alot of seams under it XD.

I followed a tutorial to make the kind of ninja/ samurai outfit so it wasnt too hard to make just needed the right measurements.

Only problem I had was finding the right blue was really hard, tried to dye fabrics but they turned out to be too light and I ended up buying even more blue fabric thats why the cost ended up high but I did not include the first attempt of dying (so it would be around £60 cost including the dyed fabric)

Over all it was fun making the Jacket and I hand stitched the ribbons on cos my sewing machine dont like ribbons now but I find hand sewn ribbons more cleaner in photos.

nanahara posted on 25 February, 2009 - 06:25
cosplay looks well made, and you look cool ^^

Elyiel posted on 25 February, 2009 - 12:06
Aww, this looks so good. I might be doing Kyubei for this Mays expo xD

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