Tora Ziyal - Star Trek DS9





I absolutely adore the Cardassians and would someday in the near future really like to attempt either a Cardassian female science officer or perhaps maybe Garak *gulp* if I'm brave enough (I don't want to even think about what a stress that would be), but I think that Ziyal will certainly be a challenge and a good step in getting there (since she's half bajoran, so a lot more human looking). I love her character and how sweet and naive she is plus the two most important men in her life are my two favourite characters in the series so it makes sense. I have an idea about how I'm going to do the prosthetics/make up but will certainly require a bit more research. The outfit I'm going to make/alter is the one pictured in the refernce pics I've included, it's my favourite outfit of hers and it looks very doable for my sewing skills.


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