Kero-chan - Card Captor Sakura




This was mostly as a favour to go with my friend's Card Captor Sakura cosplay; the gloves, hat and collar of which are hand-knitted (props to her!)

Really it was the easiest thing ever. Got a giant pannel of felt material (bargain price once again from Fabric Warehouse) then folded it in half, cut up the sides a bit and made a hole at the top for the neck and the bottom for the legs. Then I... safety pinned it. Sewing machine was still a no-go at this point. Rolled up some spare material for the tail and handsewed it, sewed it to the onesie, my friend knitted me a pompom for the end and we tied it on. Pretty hash job! But apparently no one noticed it was safety pinned.

It has now been machine sewn but still needs poppers attached to the side or I can't get in or out! I also really want to make a hood for it and put ears on, so I've left this in the "in progress" folder rather than completed, even though I wore it to Expo. One day, seriously, one day I will actually finish something.

*Edit* almost forgot our lack of wings! Friend made papier mache ones but they were too heavy, had some quickly made paper ones for the day.

Fun stories: One boy runs up to me yelling "Pikachu Pikachu Pikachu!" as I leave the Expo and gives me a big hug. He looked extremely disappointed when I told him the truth.


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