Sakura Kinomoto (3rd intro (Platinum)) - CardCaptor sakura

In Progress




I'd wanted to put off this costume for as long as possible due to it being the second most common Sakura battle costume out there to be cosplayed along with the one from the first OP. So the desire wasn't there to join the masses and do what had already been done to death.
However I noticed the dress, fully made, damage free and nice and roomy for me to fit into it, the best part? It was only £10! It was shoved at the back of the bring and buy at Minamicon and if I hadn't been so sharp to recognise it, I would have missed out on one hell of a deal.

I'm hoping to buy the extra pieces needed to complete it some time soon, and to make it a little more different to the others I will be making the wings to go with it.


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