Nana 'Hachi' Komatsu ('Seven' jumper artwork) - NANA

In Progress


Sooo Sailorette was doing Nana Osaki and messaged me wondering if I would to be Nana Hachi with her and I thought why not? :D So I looked up her many outfits and came across one which kinda stood out to me - simple but cosy :3

Ok truth be told I'm not the biggest NANA fan but the fashion designs behind Ai Yazawa's characters were just so so pretty and cute <3

FuriePhoenix posted on 7 March, 2013 - 19:51

Sailorette posted on 1 May, 2013 - 21:38
yay! :D my Hachi <3

20th June 2013

Shoes upcycled

It was actually rather tricky to find a pink pair of shoes that had that exact shape of Nana's and that weren't gona cost me the earth DX

Suddenly walking through town one day, I struck lucky when I found a perfect black base pair for £4 which I could easily paint :D Good news was even if I screwed up the paint job, it wouldn't have mattered too much as they were cheap XD

In the photos I first taped all the areas I didn't want paint to get one, then painted them white then pink and then sealled it.

1st May 2013


This was rather tricky in the sense of trying to find the right shape beads to mimic Nanas. When I managed to purchase and start stringing the things together I found it was far too heavy for the wire I was currently using so I had to change it to something much thicker which I pray will hold ^^;;

15th April 2013

Scarf complete

When I look at the art work, I see Nana wearing a fleecy material scarf. When I googled round to see if there was such thing as a grey fleece with big white polka dots fabric, it would always be the case of the spots not being big enough or the fabric wasnn't right or the colour wasn't available ¬.¬

Sooo I decided to do it the manual way by painting the dots on plain grey fleece XD I don't think it turned out too bad. Some of the dots look rather faded but I think that is a nice accident in some ways as it reminds me of snow :3