Skuld - Oh My Goddess!

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This was to be done for last Minamicon, but due to MSc stuff, lack of time and money, it wasn't finished.

Skuld has been on my list of characters-I-will-one-day-cosplay for quite a few years now (probably around 10), and as I seemed to have an excess of pink material in my box it seemed like a good time to go back and check this one off. Not to mention, she was one of my favourite characters from my early anime days.

So far, the hammer is mostly done, I have opted for the anime version for now as it feels less breakable for transportation. If I get time, I might do some other gimmicky thing such as a wired bomb.

There was brief discussion of doing a group for this for next Minamicon (2014), as one of my friends is tempted to take the opportunity to do one of the male characters from the series. So if anyone wants to do another Goddess, hit me up and we can make a proper Minamicon group for it! <3

Note: Sorry Ayaconies, was hoping to have this finished for that to bring along and wear anyway, but too much other stuff to do!


Deathblow_Prime posted on 6 March, 2013 - 00:32
Hope to see this at Aya!

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Progress Journal

16th March 2013

Hammer Progress

Whilst waiting on the money to come in to go material shopping, I've been continuing work on the hammer, half of it is now covered in a second layer of crude papier-mâché. Because I had started this with the intent of getting it done for Minamicon, I didn't have much chance to go shopping for piping or larger rolls of cardboard for the handle... so have been using up old sheets of white cardboard left over from teaching and poster projects. As a result the handle will probably need at least two layers. The top section is a little wobbly right now, and only has one layer on it... so I'll be whacking out my glue gun to thoroughly secure that before applying the second layer of papier-mâché to that section.

As always with my props, it's completely covered in Metro. :D

Overcoat template is being altered a bit, as I have time to properly work in it before Ayacon.

Still undecided as to whether I'm going to add the rings (as per manga) to the hammer or not. There are so many different versions between the anime and manga that it probably doesn't matter too much what I do (the hammer head shape is closer to the manga at the moment).