Latooni Subota - Super Robot Wars OG




Sharpkun had been wanting to do a Super Robot Wars group for a while, and it's something that I've wanted to do as well, so when mazmazda86 started to put together a group for it, we were definitely up for it.

Latooni was always likely to be a first choice character for me, I love her dress, I love her purple and she's just awesome. There are a couple of other characters I would have considered, but the outfits are a bit too infeasible for my body type. ._.

I thought that finding light pink tights would be an easy thing to do and left that until the last minute, at which point I couldn't find any online or otherwise and had to pick up a darker pink for it.

I didn't manage to finish Sharpkun's costume until Ayacon, so I decided to redo my Latooni then. Fortunately by then I had picked up a new wig and fishnets for it. Ideally I wanted to have light pink tights under the darker pink fishnets, but couldn't find any light pink tights near the time - but I had some pink stockings.

On the plus side, as we didn't have a Ryune for the first convention of SRWing, I brought along an alternative...

I also made the Ryusei costume depicted here by Sharpkun as he's a lazy sod.


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