Halloween Rinoa - Variation (Dead Fantasy II)




Felt like doing something to use up the spare blue material left over from the Dead Fantasy costumes and as Arami Heartilly was doing a Halloween Kairi variant, I figured it would be fun to do a Rinoa one.

I felt like inverting the costume I wore for the Dead Fantasy cosplay, and rather than having a dark denim skirt with brown buttons, I adapted some dark denim leggings to make shorts, and sewed a couple of brown buttons to each side. Then instead of the zipped shorts, I made a zipped black dress to go over the top of the shorts. The top was just a miniaturised version of the original top, but rather than have white wings painted on the back, I painted on black wings with a white outline. The boots were the same without the toppers and I decided that longer socks would complete the look. Then additionally, I wore my black mage hat to give it a more witchy affect, with the black feathers.

The sleeves (which I love to pieces) were a reuse from the DF costume.


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