Nia Teppelin (Princess Nia) - Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Parallel Works


Amecon 2010


After having done the original characters, Arami Heartilly suggested that we band together to do the Parallel Works versions from the first episode. I managed to do Sharpkun's costume in a couple of days once I found some trousers for the Simon alternate, and Arami Heartilly did the Ninja Warrior variant of Yoko.

This was the first time I brought a pattern for a costume, thinking that the dress would be easier with one. I failed at measuring the pink top wrap in the end, and made it a little too small in front which pulled the dress across a bit making the dress look a little more baggy. :(

Was a lot of fun to do another Gurren Lagann group. <3

I also make the Simon bracers/cape/necktie worn here by Sharpkun, oh... and brought the trousers for him. Tiran was supposed to bring down his Simon wig to wear (so that we wouldn't have to buy another) but forgot it so we had a brown-haired Simon.

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